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Germany has opened up to the world, by declaring that you could now enter the country with a job seekers visa.

Why Job seekers visa?

A job seekers visa makes you eligible to enter the German territory and look out for a job that matches not only your qualifications but also your interest. Grab the chance to Migrate to Germany and start a happening life. In a country with only 7% unemployment, you have a lot of scope for development. By making use of this opportunity, you get many benefits.

Once you avail a job seekers visa, you will be proud of your decision of Germany Migration. This is because of the various benefits you will be entitled to. Firstly, you will be earning in Euros. This will make your purse heavier to a great extent. You can choose whatever you want, from among thousands of job opportunities.

How do you benefit from it?

The best part of your Migration to Germany is that you can relocate in less than 6 months. The surprise is not over yet! You will also get an opportunity to convert to European Union Residency later. For more details on this, contact experts at Y-Axis!

Program Update

September 17th, 2014

For the Delhi region Blocked account is not required in the Germany Job Seeker Visa . Applicant only needs to maintain his / her Savings account in any RBI regulated bank. 


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Program Benefits

  • The Germany Job seeker visa is long term residence permit that allows you to look for a job for a period of 6 months.
  • This visa makes it simpler for you to secure employer visa as it allows you to attend Interviews and find a job in your skilled area of work.
  • The Employer will sponsor your Employment Visa under most scenarios; else you will need to do it on your own.
  • Visa validity will depend on the employer. Quick Visa Decision, as compared to any other EU country.

EU Blue Card holders are entitled to a permanent residence permit after 33 months. Or  You can obtain your permanent residence permit after just 21 months, if you prove Language skills B1 level of CEFR (German language).

On an employment resident permit, you have to complete 5 years to apply for permanent residency. This permit also leads to permanent residency in Germany after completing 5 years of residency and citizenship after another 5 years. 

A jobseeker holder, upon getting employment, can also switch to Germany Blue Card from within the country.


Annual gross salary offer of at least 39,624 Euros to 50,800 Euros, in case of Specialists in the fields of mathematics, IT, life sciences and engineering.


There is no points based test for the Job seeker Visa Germany.However to be eligible

  • you must have a minimum of 2 years of experience and Graduation qualification to qualify as per the H+ Anabin University List.
  • Applicants from Mumbai or Delhi region must have 16 years of regular education either 4 years Bachelor’s degree or 3 years Bachelor’s degree with Master’s degree.
  • English proficiency is sufficient to qualify for the visa; however it is highly recommended that you learn the German Language to survive in Germany.

Program Occupations

The Occupations in Demand:-

  • IT professionals
  • Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Mathematics
  • Trades

Critical Documents:-

Passport must be valid for 12 months before filing the application Ration Card, Aadhar card, SSC or Inter leaving certificate and Birth Certificates. 

Education documents

Experience details

Proof of Blocked account (“Sperrkonto”) in Germany in the name of the applicant showing a minimum balance of Euro 659 per month of stay in Germany, i.e. 6 x Euro 659, and the remark that the account holder can dispose of a monthly amount of Euro 659 (Bank Letter)(Delhi Region)

*Critical documents will vary as per the region you are applying for. The confirmation of the same in the technical evaluation report.

Funds Requirement:-

Funds between EUR 7,800 to EUR 8,100 as per the conversion rate.

Fund to be held in a savings bank account or fixed only, sufficient for 6 months period of stay.

Funds have to be maintained for at least 1 month prior to filing the application and maintained till the German Immigration Department makes a decision. 

Consulate Fee

  • Visa Fee – EUR 75
  • Qualification Assessment with ZAB – EUR 200 (Applicants applying in Mumbai and Delhi Region)
  • Document Verification is at the discretion of the Consulate.
  • Document verification cost is up to Rs. 45000 for Mumbai Applicants.
  • Document verification cost is up to Rs. 25000 for Delhi Applicants.

Process Timeline

Process time 4-6 months. 

Y-Axis Full Service & Processing Includes

  • Documents Checklist.
  • Complete Application Processing.
  • Forms, Documentation & Petition Filing.
  • Updates & Follow up with the Consulate.
  • Visa Interview Preparation.
  • Airport Pickup.*
  • Accommodation Assistance.*
  • Relocation Orientation.
  • Job Search Assistance.*
  • Relocation Assistance.*

* These services are provided at an additional cost.

10 Good Reasons Why Choose Y-Axis

  1. We are the established Market Leaders in overseas careers with company owned and operated branch in your city. We do not have franchisees. Most of our customers come to us through word of mouth which we built based on trust and quality over the years.
  2. We are a one stop shop for all your overseas career needs.
  3. You get the benefit from our deep and extensive knowledge base which we have accumulated from processing thousands of cases similar to yours.
  4. We have a pulse on global trends in careers and immigration and always have updated information which we share with you through our weekly newsletters and email alerts.
  5. We have rock solid financial credentials that you would seek in the company when you would be making an investment of a large sum and the outcome is critical to your life and career.
  6. We are system driven and have transparent processes and costs. All our offices are designed keeping this principle in mind–the reason why you will notice a lot of see through glass.
  7. We conduct business in good faith and you will notice that our agreements are fair and reasonable.
  8. We help you search for a job and settle down. Our Job Search Services Department is one of the strengths of our company.
  9. We have the best consultants in the market who are competent, committed and experienced. You will notice this yourself.
  10. We are competitively priced and offer flexible payment options and charge on a success fee basis. If we don’t deliver, we refund.


  For more details please Contact Us.



Why Choose Germany

  • Has one of the lowest rates of youth unemployment in the world.
  • Is a land of invention and innovation.
  • Is a major industrial nation and one of the world’s largest economies.
  • Three German cities are on the list of “the world’s ten most livable cities”: Duesseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt.
  • One-fourth of all of the inventions in the field of environmental technology that are registered with the European Patent Office come from Germany.
  • Nearly half of all products manufactured by German companies find their way to customers in other countries, making Germany the world’s top exporter.
  • German companies are highly competitive and they need ever-larger numbers of highly trained employees.
  • There is a shortage of skilled workers in many sectors and professions in Germany.
  • Some 5,000 jobs for physicians in German hospitals remain unfilled because of a lack of suitable applicants.
  • There were more unfilled positions for engineers in Germany at the beginning of 2012 than ever before.
  • As an engineer in Germany, you can expect to earn an annual salary up to 45,000 euros in your first few years.
  • You are insured against risks such as illness and long-term care needs – when you have a job in Germany.


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