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Cyprus a place for beneficial work opportunities

Posted on May 27, 2017
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Cyprus Work Visa

International Skilled Workforce finds it challenging when they make a choice to look for new opportunities. As a result, the increasing numbers of folks who have made it to Cyprus as students initially and job seekers have made Living and Working in the Mediterranean country worthwhile.

Cyprus is an ideal destiny for working professionals especially when the country has made significant improvement boosting higher opportunities of employment. The prime language to converse in the business and the corporate world is English.

An added advantage would be if you can manage to pick up Greek. There are private institutes and tutors who can help you take classes to help you learn basic language skills. The ministry of education in Cyprus has taken certain initiatives to help foreign nationals.

The majority of employees who have attracted top-notch employers are from sectors such as Finance, Telecommunications, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering streams. Above all the travel and hospitality industry over the years has huge demand.

Where can you find work?

  • The sector that has more demand is the tourism sector and the light manufacturing, real estate, teaching fields and shipping manufacturing units.
  • In the recent years, there has been significant growth in various professional and financial services. Above all the investment fund sectors has seen increased numbers.
  • On the other hand, major companies have depended on skilled foreign professionals over the years. Such as banks, supermarkets, telecommunications, construction sectors, beverage makers and suppliers, lastly insurance companies as well.

Work life in Cyprus

The average working time is approximately 48 hours a week. And you get to work 5 days a week. Based on your earnings you get to pay taxes annually. Before you apply for jobs the best impression that you will make is through your CV and cover letter. The interview for any type of work opportunity happens either online and then over the phones. Before you are offered a letter of appointment. Usually, the interviews will be carried out in English.

 Apart from various Work Opportunity schemes in Cyprus, you will fortunate to find casual jobs as well. The only procedure that takes 5 years is the permanent residency opportunity.

Documents needed for a Cyprus work visa

  • Valid copy of the passport
  • A duly filled visa application form
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Evidence of a health certificate
  • Bank statement or evidence stating about tax returns filed.
  • A detailed contract of the employment issued by the employer
  • A citation that you have paid the visa application fees.

The time it takes for the completion of the process is around 2-3 months. Moreover, the work opportunity has to be recognized by the ministry of labor Cyprus. Initially, foreign skilled professionals have issued visas for a year; this depends on the duration of the contract with the employer.

Cyprus is renowned for studies and work opportunities if you have plans for a change and you seek professional guidance contact Y-Axis the world’s best immigration expertise and Visa Consultant.

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