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Posted on November 04 2023

3 Easy Steps to Get a Job from India in Canada

By  Editor
Updated February 23 2024

Why Indians want to work in Canada?

  • 1 million job vacancies in Canada
  • 600,000+ Canada work permits issued in 2022
  • Earn an average salary of CAD 50,000 to 60,000
  • Relaxed work policies for Skilled Workers
  • Work 40 hours per week
  • 25 paid leaves every year
  • Average salaries per hour increased to 7.5%

3 easy steps to get a job in Canada from India

One of the most important reasons that Canada seems to attract most Indian nationals is that it has offered appealing job opportunities for decades now. 


We have been seeing thousands of Indians immigrating to Canada to land jobs that pay well.


Come up with a CV that is ATS-optimized 

It is assumed that resume writing is an easy task. The truth is, however, far from different, especially when you are applying to a country like Canada. You need to have a lot of knowledge and familiarity to create an impressive curriculum vitae (CV) that stands out in the crowd of job applications.


*Create a compelling resume with the help of Y-Axis Resume Writing Services.


Each month, renowned companies in Canada receive numerous job applications. It is not at all an easy task to identify the ones that are notable. To tackle this problem, most Canadian firms delegate the task of finding CVs that are exceptional to the Application Tracking System (ATS).


ATS software is used to properly handle the process of hiring, beginning from posting jobs to arranging applications to identifying the most attractive prospects. ATS goes through all CVs, choosing applications on the basis of keywords, presentation of resumes, exciting profiles, etc.


Select the proper sources to apply for jobs

The application process for jobs has gone through a major overhaul. A multi-channel approach is the need of the hour in 2023 if you want employers to take note of you. As online job portals multiply, getting to the employer who your target is more straightforward than before. 


You need to post jobs on several job portals in Canada, connecting to HR consultancies in Canada by using social media or applying for jobs posted directly through a company's website. Only such approaches will work in this technological age. 


Why is Canada the best place for Indian nationals to work?

Many noted HR consultants say that most Indian job seekers who apply in Canada do so for higher salaries, quality of life, multicultural population, prospects for career advancement, etc.    


These reasons are enough for skilled Indian workers to give their careers a thrust in Canada. Moreover, Canada is one of the safest countries to live in the world; and it is very advanced technologically, among others.  


Easy ways to get a job in Canada for Indian nationals

Plan to get a job strategically in Canada:

Just because you have applied on several Canadian job portals, do not expect results to come your way quickly. You need to take the initiative and explore job opportunities that are available and apply for them. If you do not have enough time, hire the services of expert job-hunting firms. These job-hunting companies are familiar with the job market in Canada, and availing of their assistance services will help you a lot.  


Apply for a Canada permanent residency (PR) 

If you are a holder of a Canadian permanent residency (PR), your chances of landing a job there will increase manifold. Employers want to hire candidates who are eligible to work in Canada without needing the company's sponsorship.


If you have decent educational qualifications and adequate work experience, applying for a Canadian PR would be better. You can apply for a Canadian work permit to land a job, but that wouldn't be adequate. Canada-based organizations would like to hire candidates who hold PR visas instead of their country's work permit holders. 


This is mainly in reason due to the fact that it is assured that PR holders will not leave Canada that easily. They will be present in Canada for an extended period.


Moreover, the fact that employers don't have to pay for any Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) expenses of holders of PR visas also works in the latter’s favor. Furthermore, applicants do not need a job offer from that country to apply for a Canadian PR. 


Holders of PRs in Canada are entitled to most of the privileges that are extended to this North American country's citizens. They can, therefore, work in any part of Canada, bring along from India their close family members, and travel to and from Canada unrestrictedly, among others.      


Moreover, people who hold Canadian PRs for more than three years become eligible for citizenship after three years.  


Are you an Indian national who is looking to get a job in Canada? If so, get in touch with Y-Axis, a premier overseas career consultancy.    



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