Ukraine is granted the visa waiver by the European Union

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The European Union has granted the visa waiver to Ukraine. This fulfills a chief assurance to Ukraine amidst the nation being entangled in a fierce quarrel with the insurgents supporting Russia. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko informed regarding the Ukrainian nationals receiving Visa-Free Travel to Europe on Facebook. Ukraine had been attempting to receive the visa waiver from Brussels for several years now quotes New Indian Express.

After the government of Kiev backed by Russia was overthrown in 2014, Ukraine and the European Union signed a wide-ranging pact for political and trade relationship and Brussels attempted to eliminate the Soviet-era influence from the nation.

Visa-free travel to the Ukrainians was a part of the broader agreement which symbolized a major commitment on the part of the EU to Ukraine but was repeatedly getting delayed.

The statement from the European Council that represents the 28 Member Nations of the bloc said that relaxing the visas was a crucial initiative to fortify the relationship between the EU and Ukraine.

This visa waiver has been granted after Ukraine was through with required reforms such as fundamental rights, external relations, security, public order, and immigration, said the EU statement.

The statement also informed that the visa-waiver was granted Ukraine after there was an agreement in the EU regarding the mechanism for suspension that permits the EU member nations to withdraw the visa-free travel in case there are grave immigration or security lapses on the part of Ukraine.

As per the visa-waiver Ukraine nationals who possess biometric passports can travel to the EU member nations without requiring a visa for three months in a period of six months. This is applicable for travel for meeting family, business or tourism.

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