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Skilled Indians have a 90 year wait for green cards, the Jumpstart Bill seeks to resolve this.

Skilled Indians have a 90 year wait for green cards, the Jumpstart Bill seeks to resolve this

Abstract: The US attempts to clear backlogs for the ‘green card’ visa for immigrant residents, especially Indians. Currently, the green card eligible Indian Immigrants in the US are waiting for an available VISA number can apply for it by paying a fee.

Highlights about the Jumpstart Bill:

Every Year the US accommodated 1.40 lakh green cards for employment-based immigrants with a 7% per-country cap. This ratio is eight times higher than China, which is second in rank with such applicants. This Year, Indian Immigrants could not file their applications for an employment-based green card due to the backlog.

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Over 2 lakh Indians will be stuck and likely to die with this backlog before they even receive a green card. As per current reports, fewer Indian Immigrants will accept green cards, and the rest will age out of eligibility.

Initially, the immigration laws were updated for the first time in 1990 with the numerical limits and the 7% per-country cap. This list has never seen an update to date.

In 2022, the Jumpstart Bill facilitates immigrants working in the US and eligible for LPR or Legal Permanent Residence status. This bill encourages the high skilled workers and reduces the backlogs.

US State Department presents the recent data as the current Indian Immigrants are four million awaiting family-sponsored immigrant VISA backlog. Around one and a half million Indian Immigrants are awaiting employment-based immigrant VISA backlog.

The INA (Immigration and Nationality Act) to get involved and stop further loss of human capital. The Jumpstart bill ensures to retrieval of unused immigrant VISAS from 1992 to 2021. In the end, this Bill will result in an impressive number of immigrant visas and convert their VISA state to a green card, only if their visa petition shows up as two years and they also pay the necessary fee.

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Web Story:  90 years await for green cards, Bill seeks to resolve

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