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Singapore launches ONE pass, a 5 year visa to hire global talent


Highlights: Singapore ONE pass visa

Singapore’s newest work permit

Singapore does not want to restrict the number of applicants for the new work permit which is getting ready for the launch to attract the best talent globally.

The new work permit is called an Overseas Networks and Expertise (ONE) pass. Which is used to recruit immigrants to tighten the labor market. As there is tough competition with London and Dubai, Singapore plans to ease the majority of immigration policies for the new work permit.

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Minister of Manpower, Tan See Leng

“We want to make Singapore have the best rainmakers by inviting leaders that include fields like engineering, math, science, and technology along with arts, culture, finance, and sports.

To give a real competition for talent, currently high energy mode.

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Singapore work permit’s application procedures

Overseas Networks and Expertise (ONE)

It is a visa that allows its holders, and partners to work in Singapore for five years.

Singapore restarts its effort to attract global talents and also keeping efforts to protect the local workers.

Now as pandemic effects are low, the economies are reopening and searching for growth through immigration as well. Germany, Thailand, The UK, and the United Arab Emirates are some of the top achievers to speed up their recovery by giving easy access to immigration.

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More jobs expected in Singapore in 2022

Expansion rates in Singapore

Encouraging innovation and maximizing productivity are the two main strategies for Singapore as it is increasing the manufacturing value-add by 50% and also the exports annually to S$1 Trillion which is $712 billion by the year 2030.

Though expanding businesses is difficult considering the expansion at the current rates. Bloomberg shows that the growth of the economy is 3.7% this year. This is considered one of the slowest rates among Southeast Asian countries and the same pace might ease to 2.8% further by next year.

LGBTQ+ workers

The Singapore government has decided to step forward to support LGBTQ+ workers and their partners to get a chance to stay in the country and also work in the city-state.

Talent Acquisition

Singapore is always open for business across borders and also always open for the global talent hunt.

Singapore aims to target people who are extremely talented and there is no limit to the number of foreign nationals to attract.

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