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Posted on March 11 2024

Now get your UK Employer License renewed for 10 years from April 2024

By  Editor
Updated March 11 2024

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Highlights: Get UK Employer License renewed for 10 years

  • The UK Government has announced the renewal of the Employer License for 10 years.
  • The requirement to renew visas every four years will be abolished to reduce administrative burden and costs for employers.
  • UK Employer License, expiring on or after April 6, 2024, will be automatically renewed for ten years.
  • Individuals should at least earn £38,700 in the UK to get a UK work visa.


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The UK is simplifying the process for local businesses to hire skilled workers.

The UK Home Office has announced changes to the UK Skilled Worker Visa to make hiring foreign skilled workers easier for local businesses. The major change was the renewal of the UK Employer License, which will be effective April 6, 2024. The requirement to renew visas every four years has been abolished, and this offers ease to businesses sponsoring skilled workers outside the UK.


This development will smoothen the process for employers facing administrative burdens and costs related to periodic renewals. Previously, the sponsors had to submit the application 90 days before the expiration date, and fees would vary from £536 to £1,476 depending on their size and charity status. The processing time for renewal would take nearly 8 weeks.


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Steps taken by the UK Home Office

  • The Home Office has opted for a more automated approach.
  • Existing visas expiring on or after April 6, 2024, will be automatically extended for ten years.
  • Sponsors holding valid visas within this period are not required to take action; their visas will be automatically extended. 


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