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Posted on October 07 2022

Norway to levy tuition fees for non-EU students from 2023

By  Editor
Updated January 18 2024

Highlights: Norway to impose tuition fee for non-EU students

  • Non-EU citizens may have to pay tuition fee from 2023 autumn semester
  • Education for Norwegian students and individuals from EEA will remain free
  • The fee will be levied to improve the quality of education

Norway to improve the quality of education by imposing tuition fee from 2023

The citizens of the third countries who have plans to continue their education in Norway may have to pay tuition fee from the autumn semester of 2023. Currently, national and international students studying in Norwegian universities are studying without paying any fee.

The Minister of Education Ola Borten Moe has suggested that fee for the foreign students should be introduced so that universities can bear their costs. The minister also said that students from Norway, EEA, and Switzerland will receive education without paying any fee. The same rule will be followed for exchange students.

Reasons for levying fee to study in Norway

According to Ola Borten Moe, if tuition fee will be introduced for foreign students, more of them can be invited. Students who only come to study in Norway for free will not be entertained. She also said that if the number of foreign students reduces, it will provide more spaces for the Norwegian students to get admissions. They will also get accommodation easily.

Budget for funding Norwegians universities

The government of Norway has proposed a budget of NOK 42.8 billion to provide funds to the educational institutions in 2023. The ministry of education has stated that due to rise in inflation, there is a need for the colleges and universities to look for other ways to earn income. One of these ways is to levy the tuition fee for foreign students.

Study in Norway cost

The government has also increased the cost of constructing the dormitories. The cost of construction for a dormitory has been increased from NOK 955,700 to NOK 1,450,000 all over Norway. The government will also spend NOK 85 million to adjust the aid given to the students. NOK41.5 million will be spent on the subsidy scheme and NOK 41.1 million for the cancellation of student debt in Troms and Finnmark.

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