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Manitoba PNP: 135 IRCC Express Entry candidates among 650 invited to apply

Manitoba PNP Draw Sep 23

Canada’s Manitoba province has issued a total of 650 invitations in the latest Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program [MPNP] draw held on September 23, 2021.

Manitoba is among the 9 provinces and 2 territories part of Canadian PNP.

Quebec province has its own immigration programs.

Invitations issued by Manitoba are officially referred to as Letters of Advice to Apply [LAAs].

The previous provincial draw by Manitoba was held on September 2, 2021.

An Overview of the September 23 Manitoba PNP draw 
EOI Draw #126

Total LAAs issued: 650

Express Entry candidates invited: 135 

Category Letters of Advice to Apply [LAAs] sent Minimum EOI score required
Skilled Workers Overseas 67

Considered only if –

·         Directly invited under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative

·         Had an IRCC Express Entry ID and job seeker validation code.

Skilled Workers in Manitoba 529 401
International Education Stream 54 No EOI score required.


Acquiring Canadian permanent residence through the PNP is a 2-step process. After securing a PNP nomination, the next step is that of applying – to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada [IRCC] – for Canada PR.

To be eligible for the Skilled Worker Overseas pathway, an “established connection to Manitoba” must be demonstrated by the applicant. This connection can be established through –



Canada Skilled Immigration Points Calculator – Check your eligibility


For the Skilled Workers in Manitoba pathway, on the other hand, a “strong connection” to Manitoba will be needed. This can be through [1] an ongoing employment, and [2] possessing sufficient skills, education, official language proficiency, and work experience for making an “immediate and ongoing contribution to the Manitoba economy” and the community in general.

The MPNP’s International Education Stream [IES] is targeted at Manitoba graduates. The IES provides international students – graduating in Manitoba and meeting the industry requirements – faster pathways to immigration.

There are 3 separate pathways under the IES of the MPNP –

Do keep in mind that an international student graduating from another Canadian province will not be eligible for the IES. Such individuals, however, might be eligible to apply under the Skilled Worker in Manitoba stream.

For 2021, Manitoba has received an annual allotment of 5,400 base nomination spaces. Another 875 Express Entry spaces available.

So far, a total of 8,041 have been invited by the MPNP altogether in the 21 MPNP draws held in 2021.


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