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IRCC to implement Express Entry reforms in the first quarter of 2023

IRCC to implement Express Entry reforms in the first quarter of 2023

Highlights of Express Entry reforms

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IRCC to implement new reforms for Express Entry

IRCC has plans to hold Express Entry draws for the candidates based on labor market goals. The plan will be implemented in 2023 first quarter. IRCC is planning to bring new categories in Express Entry. Preparations are being made to implement these categories in 2023 first quarter.

Permission to the immigration minister through Bill C-19

Bill C-19 has allowed the immigration minister to invite candidates on the basis of the criteria that support regional economic needs. The bill will also allow IRCC to hold the Express Entry rounds on the basis of educational qualifications, occupation, or language proficiency.

Reasons behind making changes in Express Entry rules

The immigration minister, Sean Fraser, stated that if amendments will not be made in the Express Entry, IRCC will not be able to increase the invitation to apply to meet the demand of the qualification and skills. If there are abundant applications for such sectors in which the requirement of skilled workers is less, then it is not a good option to bring more people.

IRCC invited many candidates through different programs during the time of the pandemic. Due to the legislation, IRCC made a strategy to restrict the travel restrictions due to COVID-19. The restrictions were made to invite the candidates through CEC and Provincial Nominee Program.

Before the approval of Bill C-19, IRCC was unable to invite the candidates on the basis of language proficiency, occupation, or education. Each PNP has its own eligibility criteria to invite candidates through the Express Entry.

The programs also do not have the system to invite the candidates directly through the Express Entry draw. Candidates have to send a separate application for the PNP which has to be sent to a province or a territory.

The Minister also said that there is a need for a transparent selection process. Meanwhile, all-program draw will continue. In the first all-program draw in 2022, 1,500 candidates were invited. The minimum CRS score for the draw was 557.

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