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Posted on February 27 2023

Germany to ease work permit rules for Indian IT Professionals - Chancellor Olaf Scholz

By  Editor
Updated April 12 2024

Highlights: Easier policies for work permit of Germany

  • Germany plans to implement streamlined visa policies for Indian IT professionals.
  • It has enhanced its legal guidelines to attract software developers and IT professionals.
  • India is one of the top sources for IT professionals in Europe.
  • India and Germany formalized a new mobility program in 2022.
  • The program aims to boost mobility, employment opportunities, and skills exchange.

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Abstract: Germany plans to streamline its visa policies to attract more IT professionals from India.

Germany plans to implement streamlined policies for work permit to attract more international professionals for its IT sector.

The Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, while visiting India stated that he hoped that Indian professionals would make use of the opportunities offered by Germany. He also said that the international professionals could come to Germany with their family members without any hurdles through the new streamlined visa process.

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New policies for work permit in Germany

Germany has been enhancing its legal framework to be one of the top opted destinations for work overseas for software developers and IT professionals. It has been a priority for the German government. The sector is facing a shortage of skilled professionals.

The German government is simplifying the rules to migrate to Germany. It plans to streamline the process of German citizenship to attract international professionals. It also plans to relax the requirements for  German language for skilled professionals from abroad. Having proficiency in the English language would be sufficient.

Multiple companies in Germany are offering around 2 million job vacancies, according to the data by DIHK, which is the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The 2 million job vacancies can generate approximately 100 billion Euros and boost the economy of Germany. 

A significant number of IT professionals from India work in Germany as well as in the other countries of Europe.

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Germany makes 5 changes in work permit rules to fill 2 million vacancies

Do you know what is Germany’s New Right of Residence that comes into effect today?

Germany to attract 400,000 skilled workers with its eased immigration rules

Mobility program between India and Germany

In 2022, India and Germany formalized a mobility program to facilitate mobility between the two countries and boost employment opportunities by exchanging talents and skills.

The agreement comprises:

  • The Academic Evaluation Center established in New Delhi
  • 18 months of extensions of residence permits for international students
  • Around 3,000 Germany Jobseeker visa per year
  • Flexible short-stay multiple entry visas
  • Easy readmission procedures

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Germany – India new mobility plan: 3,000 job seeker visas/year

The new policies for immigration to Germany for work will boost the country's reputation as a popular work overseas destination and also help in addressing the workforce shortage in the country.

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Web Story:  Germany to ease work permit rules for Indian IT Professionals - Chancellor Olaf Scholz


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