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Posted on December 01 2022

Germany to attract 400,000 skilled workers with its eased immigration rules

By Editor
Updated May 10 2023

Highlights of Germany to attract 400,000 skilled workers with its eased immigration rules

  • Germany to invite 400,000 skilled workers to the country to address workforce shortages that are affecting Germany’s economy.
  • Germany has already eased most of its immigration rules to attract skilled foreign workers.
  • The government of Germany also has plans to ease immigration for young immigrants who are willing to take up study in Germany or plan to take up vocational training in Germany.
  • Services and Manufacturing fields have acute shortages in the workforce, based on a survey.

Germany to welcome 400,000 skilled foreign workers

Germany, one of the largest economies in Europe has been facing severe shortages in the workforce market. To handle these hurdles of shortages, the country plans to attract skilled workers from abroad.

The government has already taken proper measures to permit foreign citizens who have already received a domestic contract from the employer to begin work immediately, provided their vocational qualification will be recognized later.

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German immigration for foreign workers

Germany plans to hire skilled workers from a foreign country to handle the acute shortages of the workforce in the country.

Apart from this, the German government also eases immigration for younger immigrants for taking study or vocational training in Germany.

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The country already planned an un-bureaucratic and transparent point system for the applicants who are willing to work in Germany, which is similar to long-standing programs in Canada and other countries.

Germany not just invites skilled foreign workers, but also general workers who are in need of the German workforce market.

The following table shows sectors and the percentage of shortages in the workforce:

Name of the sectors Percentage of shortage in workforce
Services More than 50%
Manufacturing Nearly 50%
Retail trade More than 40%
Construction Nearly 40%
Wholesale Around 35%

Shortages in German workforces and their reasons

Due to low birth rates and unequal immigration flows have generated a demographic imbalance in Germany.

The German government decided to attract 400,000 qualified skilled workers from foreign countries.

More than half of the German companies are currently struggling to get skilled workers for the staff shortages.

According to a Munich-based Ifo institute survey, the Services sector has acute shortages to fill in.

The German government has plans to revamp its citizenship rules which might get more foreign immigrants to the country.

 Ways to immigrate to Germany

  1. Job seeker visa: One of the best ways that an individual can migrate to Germany is job seeker visa. This is one of the long-stay residence permits which allows one to look for work in Germany within 6 months. When you obtain work, you can apply for a work permit in Germany.
  2. Work visa: One of the most popular ways to immigrate to Germany is with a job with a German employment visa. Find a job in Germany from an authorized German employer and immigrate with an employment visa or German work visa.

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