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Posted on December 19 2022

Do you know the Eagle Act will benefit Indian Migrants in US?

By  Editor
Updated January 13 2024

Highlights: The Eagle Act to benefit Indian migrants in US

  • The US passed a new policy for immigration, last week
  • Its new immigration policy favors merit compared to the country of origin
  • The new policy is known as the Eagle Act
  • The Act will be doing away with the per-country limitations of the Green Card
  • The Green Card offers a pathway to citizenship


Abstract: The new immigration policy of the US will abolish the limited number of issuing Green Cards based on the applicant's country of origin.

The US authorities plan to implement a new immigration policy. It would aim to abolish the per-country quota on the issuance of green cards. The policy will facilitate US-based employers to recruit people based on 'merit' rather than their country of birth.

The move will be beneficial for the Indian-Americans.

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How will the Eagle Act benefit Indian Migrants in US?

The U.S. authorities issue 140,000 Green Cards for employment. The card issues the permits with a per-country cap. The processing time was significant and it had a huge volume of backlogs. According to official reports, most of the applicants are from India.

The removal of the cap for the country of origin will allow faster processing of applications for Indians. Earlier, the cap hindered the processing time.

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What are the benefits of the Green Card?

The Green Card is also known as the Permanent Resident Card. It is issued to immigrants to facilitate them to work and live in the United States permanently. The card acts as evidence for the holder proving that they have been granted the facility to reside permanently in the country.

  • A few of the benefits of a Green Card are:
  • It offers a pathway to citizenship
  • The holder of a Green Card can sponsor their immediate family members for their own Green Card
  • It offers easy access to the social security system offered by the US.
  • The card also offers education assistance, easy travel to other countries
  • The card holder can opt to live anywhere in the US
  • More career opportunities
  • Selective participation in the political activities of the country

What is the Eagle Act of 2022?

The goal of the Eagle Act is to facilitate employers in the U.S. to hire international professionals on the basis of their merit, and not their country of birth. It abolishes the limited quota assigned to each country for employment-based visas, that is, the Green Cards. It would help in ensuring eligible candidates from other countries are not excluded when the Eagle Act is brought into effect.

Know more about the Eagle Act

In the transition period, visas would be kept aside for nurses and physical therapists to fulfill the requirements of the healthcare sector. The visa offers the same provisions to immigrants coming to the U.S. and their family members who are not residing in the U.S., currently.

The Eagle Act of 2022 will also enhance the H-1B visa program for a specialty occupation. It would be done by boosting the requirements for hiring, reinforcing protections for US employees, and enhancing transparency.

The applicants who have been waiting for their visa applications to be processed for the past 2 years can file for their Green Card. It allows foreign nationals coming to the U.S. for employment to convert their temporary visas. It also offers them additional provisions in changing their workplace or establishing a business.

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