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Canada’s New Brunswick seeks Data Scientists and Data Engineers

New Brunswick, Canada urgently needs Data Scientists and Engineers - NOC 2172

Employers in the province of New Brunswick in Canada are actively seeking experienced data Scientists and Data Engineers for filling “roles in the province’s IT sector” as part of their Upcoming International Recruitment Events.

Canada’s only officially bilingual province, New Brunswick has English and French languages sharing equal status within the province.

New Brunswick was among the 4 original provinces – along with Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Quebec – that came together, in 1867, to make the national confederation of Canada.

The province of New Brunswick was named after the royal house of Brunswick. The provincial capital, Fredericton, takes its name from Frederick, the son of King George III.

New Brunswick has announced a new recruitment drive – to be held in June 2021 – for IT specialists.

This recruitment drive by New Brunswick is intended for filling in the labour gaps being faced by New Brunswick in the IT sector.

Registration for the event is open for –

National Occupational Classification [NOC] code 2172, Database Analysts and Data Administrators.

Deadline for registration: June 15, 2021

Those without a valid Express Entry profile and without IELTS scores might also register. Get in touch for assistance.

What is NOC 2172?

National Occupational Classification, also known as NOC, is Canada’s national system for outlining occupation. NOC is used to determine where work is categorized and discover its primary functions or other necessary information.

Currently, the NOC 2172 plays the role of Database analysts and data administrators, providing a solution to develop and administer data management and database analysts design. The data administrators use the management software to create and execute the data administration standards, models, and policies. These are employed in consulting firms like information technology and its units throughout the public and private sectors.

The demonstrative examples are:

The data administrators and database analysts follow the primary duties mentioned below:

Responsibility of the data administrators

Mandatory documents required for registration

Data Scientists analyze, interpret and model data for solving business problems on an international scale. Along with a high technical competency and good problem-solving skills, a Data Scientist will also be expected to possess excellent communication skills so that they can present their findings and ideas in a clear manner.

Data Engineers, on the other hand, implement the tools and code for collecting, analyzing, transforming and storing data. Working alongside the data science team, Data Engineers assist in shaping and providing access to client end data.

Analyzing and reporting on data completeness and quality, as well as providing data governance guidance for improving source datasets might also be required.

A Data Engineer might also be required to work with software engineering teams for implementing repeatable integration solutions for sourcing external as well as internal datasets.

New Brunswick is also a part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot [AIP] of Canada.

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