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Posted on August 26 2022

Canada Start-Up Visa approvals increase a whopping 70% in 2022

By Editor
Updated May 10 2023

Statistics of Canada Start-Up Visa

  • 325 new permanent residents settled in Canada in the first half of 2022 under SUV program
  • The SUV program is also planning to welcome 385 more permanent residents by the end of 2022
  • There is huge demand for immigrant entrepreneurs in Canada

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Canada to welcome more permanent residents through Start-Up visa

Canada Start-Up visa has become very popular among the immigrants who want to start a business in Canada. From January to June, the number of permanent residents settled in Canada through this program is 325. If this will be the pace, 385 more candidates will be welcomed as permanent residents at the end of this year.

The SUV program is attracting more number of entrepreneurs this year which will be a reason for 150 percent increase in welcoming the new permanent residents.

Increase in the number of new immigrant entrepreneurs to Canada

In 2019, the number of entrepreneurs invited was 515. In 2022, comparatively, it rose to 26.2 percent. The popularity of the program grew in the last six months. The number of entrepreneurs who settled in Canada under this program is as follows:

Month Number of permanent residents
January 35,340
February 37,555
March 40,970

Number of new immigrant entrepreneurs entering Canada increased in June, 20222

In April and May, the number of permanent residents went down due to the sixth wave of the pandemic. In June, 43,705 immigrant entrepreneurs settled as permanent residents in Canada which was 23.4 percent more in comparison to January. In 2019, 55 new permanent residents were invited under the SUV program.

In 2020, immigration to Canada decreased due to the pandemic. The total number of permanent residents invited to Canada in 2019 was 341,175 which went down to 184,585 in 2020. The invitations under the SUV program also decreased by 49.5 percent.

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