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Canada PR eligibility rules relaxed for international students

Canada has relaxed PR eligibility rules under Express Entry for these students

Highlights of relaxed policies of Canada PR eligibility

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Relaxation of policies for Canada PR eligibility

The government of Canada has given relaxation to thousands of students for Canada PR eligibility through the Express Entry. During the pandemic, students who enrolled in Canadian universities have been compelled to complete their courses online. These candidates are now eligible to receive Canadian educational credential points.

Previously, candidates who pursued online education do not get any points for their CRS score if more than 50 percent of the program has been has been completed online.

The relaxation has been implemented temporarily for the students who have completed their courses online from March 2020 to August 2022. The students who will receive CRS points if their program was:

The candidates have to update their Express Entry profile by August 2, 2022 as told by IRCC. This is to be done to ensure that they will receive invitation to apply to migrate to Canada.

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