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Posted on July 15 2022

Canada Immigration breaks all records in first five months of 2022

By Editor
Updated May 10 2023

Highlights of Canada immigration

  • Canada experienced a rise of 71.8 percent of new foreign nationals as permanent residents in the last five months, which is comparatively less than last year.
  •  International grads using PGWP get a work permit and can work in Canada after graduation for three years.
  • The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) has brought 15.9% of new PRs in just the last five months of 2022.

Statistics of the new PRs by IRCC

Canada has seen a hike in immigration in the last five months by 71.8 percent of new PRs to Canada, which is approximately an increase compared to last year; Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) released statistical data this year. *Check your eligibility to Canada through Y-Axis Canada immigration points calculator Canada invited 187,490 new PRs by the end of May 2022. That means approximately 78,370 more compared to the first five months of 2021. Considering the present immigration rate, Canada is ready to invite 449,976 new permanent residents by the end of 2022, which is a considerably higher number than Ottawa's record-setting target of 431,645. The current pace of Canadian Immigration is recorded high, making the Country a powerful nation with new permanent residents of around 47,055 by next year under the Immigration Levels plan for 2022-2024. The actual target of Canadian immigration for 2024 is new permanent residents 451,000. The government is attempting to take care of the labor shortages across the Country. *Need assistance to apply for Canadian PR visa? Then get professional guidance from Y-Axis Canada overseas immigration expert A survey says, 80% of employers complain that they have trouble finding skilled workers. These shortages exist in almost every province and territory, but the problem is more in Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec. Also Read… Canada Immigration – What to expect in 2022? The skilled shortages are listed more especially to fill the technical roles. The fields like Engineering, Science, and information technology. Other shortage skills like electricians, construction workers, plumbers, and other skilled trades. *Do you want work in Canada? Speak to Y-Axis overseas Canada immigration career consultant for guidance.

PNPs and International Student Recruitment

The provincial and territorial premiers agreed to invite international students and skilled workers through PNPs. British Columbia requested the federal government to prioritize the individual Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) to recruit immigrants and international students. Provinces have requested the federal governments to remove the barriers to inviting international students and also asked for access to various federal employment support programs, which include associating with provinces and territories to optimize the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) for international students, which meets the local province's workforce and have transitions that lead to permanent residency. Also Read… Extension will be given to the PGWPs expired after September 20, 2021 Using PGWP, the international grads can get a work permit, with which they can get a chance to work in Canada after graduation for around three years. This work experience will boost their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which in turn will fetch them permanent residence in Country using the Express Entry system. Ottawa is all set to invite new immigrants, which meets the local labor market needs of the provinces and territories. Canada welcomed approximately 15.9 percent of new permanent residents in the first five months this year, which means 29,735 new permanent residents have been invited using provincial and territorial nominee programs. Also read… Canada announces new immigration fees for 2022 The premiers have called all the governments' provinces and territories to work aligned with the federal government and requested to boost their territorial and provincial nominee programs and have and have well-planned processing of nominees. Also expected is that the Federal immigration policies must be listed to complement the provincial and territories' immigration nominee programs. Do you have a dream to migrate to Canada? Talk to World’s no.1 Y-Axis Canada overseas migration consultant. Found this article more interesting, you may also read… Canada reopens all PR programs under Express Entry today


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