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Alberta lifts restrictions on temporary foreign workers

Alberta lifts restrictions on temporary foreign workers

Alberta is one of the prominently opted provinces by foreign applicants for work and migration.

On this may 1st, Alberta province has lifted almost all the restrictions on hiring the new temporary foreign workers. This decision includes the applications that have been submitted prior to the date, May 1st, which are subject to change.

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Temporary foreign worker

A temporary foreign worker is a foreign national working in Canada by submitting proper documentation and has a valid visa to work and stay in Canada for some definite period.

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 Before May 1st, 2022

Alberta government used to have a list of occupations that were “refusal to process.” Due to this, the employers could not submit any specific application to the Canadian government in hiring temporary foreign workers for the Alberta province.

The Canadian government mainly operates on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), but for a few occupations, Alberta province has been refusing to process the TFWP applications, as those occupations have not been registered as skilled workers. From May 1st, the Alberta government has planned to reduce these refusals and requested and encouraged employers to increase the number of temporary foreign workers hired.

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After this request, the Alberta government slowly untied the restrictions made around the temporary foreign workers’ program. It is ready to support the labor shortage and provincial economy sectors. Then the employers can get ease in hiring TFWP as the province was facing trouble finding Canadian citizens as workers.

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As per the Canada opportunities statistics, the Alberta province has around 88,000 job opportunities. The Alberta government plans to make necessary changes to secure the economy by the TFWP wing.

The Purpose

The temporary foreign workers’ program lets Canadian employers employ foreign workers to fill out vacancies when no Canadian citizen or a permanent resident is doing the job. The employer needs to apply for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to the Canadian government to hire temporary foreign workers.

The Canadian government assesses the employment of a foreign worker. This employment is tightly based on the proof that there is no Canadian worker to do the same job. When the LMIA submitted report gets a positive, the employer can hire a temporary worker as per Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) application rules. This hiring affects the Canadian labor market and the Canadian economy.

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Currently, Canada is experiencing labor shortages all over the country. There are around 800,000 job vacancies across the country. This made the Federal and provincial governments relax their regulations and allow the employers to hire more foreign workers as an add-on to the Canadian labor market.

The current unemployment rate for Canada is 5.3%, which is the lowest of all Canadian records.

The Canadian government eased its rules for the Temporary foreign workers’ program at the beginning of April to balance the Canadian economy and overcome the lowest unemployment rate.

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