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Posted on September 28 2022

You can become a Canadian with proof of citizenship

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Highlights: Proof of Canadian citizenship

  • If someone is born to a Canadian parent, they have direct eligibility for Canadian citizenship
  • If you are born in Canada then you are already a Canadian citizen unless you are born to foreign ambassadors or diplomats
  • To apply for Citizenship, the Canadian Government charges around CAD 75
  • Contact with experienced Canadian lawyer to ensure your eligibility and make the process easier

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Who are Canadian Citizens?

Canadian citizens are those who possess Canadian citizenship. There are various ways to get citizenship in Canada that are listed below:

  • If a person is born overseas to at least one Canadian parent, then you are already considered eligible for Canadian citizenship.
  • If you are already eligible for Citizenship in Canada, then there is no need to undergo the usual application process that involves a physical presence as a PR (Permanent Resident) and other requirements like taking a knowledge test and appearing for the citizenship ceremony. You just need to apply for proof of citizenship. Which is known as a ‘citizenship certificate’.
  • Born in Canada is automatically a Canadian citizen, except if you are born to foreign diplomats.
  • If you were born in Canada, you will be Canadian if at least one of your parents belongs to the first generation Canadian during your birth time
  • First Generation Canadian parent is the one whose parents are either born in Canada or received Canadian citizenship by applying to the process legally.
  • In case one of your grandparents was a first-generation Canadian and your parent received the citizenship by descent, then you will not be eligible for proof of citizenship. To get citizenship by applying to the regular process of Canadian immigration.

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Proof of Canada Citizenship and its Application Process

  • For applying the proof of citizenship, one needs to download the ‘Application Package’ on the IRCC (Immigration Refugees, Citizenship Canada) website.
  • You need to display the details about your biological or legal parent who was a Canadian citizen when you were born.
  • As proof of evidence, IRCC accepts the birth certificate of your parent, the Citizenship Card of Canada, or the Canadian citizenship certificate.
  • You will receive an Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR) by IRCC, once it comes to a conclusion that the application is complete.
  • After all this, you will receive a Canadian citizenship certificate from IRCC.
  • You will be able to check the application processing status online on the IRCC website.
  • Few of the complex applications or files require a longer time to process.
  • IRCC provides an ‘Urgent Processing’ option for the people who are in need to access healthcare benefits, in requirement of a social insurance number, starting a job, or for the people who are requiring an emergency trip to or from Canada.
  • The Canadian government expects a fee of CAD 75 to apply for their citizenship certificate.
  • A Canadian immigration lawyer can help you with the whole process of citizenship.
  • An experienced Canadian immigration lawyer will check the eligibility criteria that you need to satisfy twice or thrice and will provide help to prove your citizenship in Canada without getting delayed.

Do you have a dream to migrate to Canada? Talk to World’s no.1 Y-Axis Canada overseas migration consultant. Found this article interesting? Read more…

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Canadian Citizenship

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