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Posted on February 16 2019

2 out of 5 high-schoolers in the UK want to do their first degree abroad

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
study abroad - high school students

As per a recent study, the interest to study abroad among high-school students of the UK has been rising since 2015. 2 out of 5 or 37% of high-schoolers in the UK want to do their first degree abroad. In 2015, the numbers were 35% while in 2017 it was 18%.

However, the uncertainty surrounding the impact of Brexit is also casting its effect on most students. 23% of high-school students say that they are less likely to consider getting an education abroad. 29% say that studying abroad will help them get a job more easily if they return back to the UK.

The study revealed the biggest concerns that high-school students face:

  • Cost of studying abroad -39%
  • Leaving behind family and friends-30%
  • Lack of confidence in language skills-15%

The study which was conducted by Unifrog questioned over 1500 students. 56% of the high-school students said they would consider studying abroad if they get financial assistance. 52% felt that they did not enough information regarding the opportunities available abroad. 47% wanted to speak to someone who was currently studying abroad. 82% said that they knew no one from their school who was studying the first degree overseas.

Girls needed more information than boys before they made an application to study outside the UK. 54% of girls wanted more information on the opportunities available abroad. In comparison, only 47% of boys needed such information.

50% of all the students believed that their families would support their decision to study abroad.

32% of the students felt that the application process to study abroad should be made easier. 28% felt that if Universities provided language tuition, it would encourage them more to study abroad. 21% felt that it would be an advantage if someone from their school also studied at the same University abroad.

Interested students cited the below reasons to study abroad:

  • A love of travel, different cultures and adventure-43%
  • The reputation of the University abroad-17%
  • Financial incentives like scholarships-14%

As per FE News, the most popular destinations for UK high-schoolers to study abroad were:

43% of the boys wish to study in the US as compared to 33% of girls. 19% of girls want to study abroad in Australia in comparison to 14% of boys. At 13% both boys and girls feel that Canada is an equally attractive option to study abroad.

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