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Posted on August 21 2019

Top 7 reasons for rejection of Canada PR application

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

People wanting to migrate, dream of going to Canada because of its open-door immigration policies. Among these are applicants for permanent residency (PR) in Canada. Immigration trends in Canada indicate an optimistic outcome for PR visa applicants.

Exceeding immigration targets

The good news is that Canada has exceeded the immigration target it had set for 2019 by welcoming more than 341,000 immigrants. The Immigration target for 2019 was set at 330,800 immigrants. The actual numbers exceeded by 10,000 immigrants.

The 2019 immigration report suggests Canada stuck to its plan of welcoming 58 percent of the immigrants under the economic class, 27 percent under family sponsorship and 15 percent under the refugee class.

Canada has set a target for 360,000 immigrants for this year and is expected to exceed this target once again. This is good news for those who are applying for a PR visa in 2020.

Reduction in CRS points required for Invitation to Apply (ITA)

The CRS points required to qualify for the various immigration programs has reduced going by the trends in the Express Entry draws that have taken place so far this year.

Quarter of immigrants in 2019 were from India

Indians accounted for 25 percent of immigrants who came to Canada in 2019. Around 86,000 Indians got their permanent residence in 2019.

Introduction of new immigration programs

Canada is also facing a labor shortage and it is one of the reasons for setting high immigration targets. To meet the labor shortage in rural areas, the country

launched the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) that encourages migrants to settle down in rural areas.

With such positive reasons, there is very little reason why you PR visa application could get rejected.

If you diligently follow all the rules and regulations and complete all the procedures to apply for Canadian PR, you could be successful in getting your PR visa.

However, there could still be a chance that your PR visa can be rejected. What could be the possible reasons? Here are some top reasons.

Reasons for rejection of Canada PR

1. Misrepresentation: Misrepresentation can be anything from giving incomplete information or giving false information. It can also be providing incomplete information due to misunderstanding the instructions in the form and making mistakes in filling them. Example of misrepresentation is to declare you are employed when you are not.

What you should (not) do: Falsification of documents is a no-no. Do not submit false documents about your employment, assets etc. Be careful when you are filling your application and any serious mistake could bar you from reapplying for a visa in the future.

2Missing a deadline: The PR visa application process involves numerous steps. To make the process more streamlined, applicants are given deadlines to finish each step. Failure to complete these steps within the deadline could be a reason for rejection.

What you should do: Plan based on the deadlines. Give enough time to gather all the required documents so that you can submit your application on time and complete the process within the deadline.

3. Non-eligibility: Canada has a multitude of immigration programs with their individual eligibility requirements such as age, educational qualifications, work experience, skill level etc. Your PR application could be rejected if you do not meet the eligibility requirements or fail to give the right information.

What you should do: Examine the eligibility requirements of the immigration programs to select ones where your credentials are a close match. This way your application can make you an eligible applicant and increase your chances of acceptance. A better option would be to consult an immigration consultant who will provide efficient help in the application process.

Certain immigration programs submit more invitations to candidates compared to others. It helps to identify these programs and assess if you meet their eligibility requirements. In 2019 more than half of the PR admissions under the Express Entry system were through the Federal Skilled Worker Program. More than a quarter of the PR admissions was through the Canadian Experience Class. Here is a break-up of the PR admissions under various programs in 2019.

4. Failure to submit the required documents: Your PR application must be submitted with mandatory documents. Failure to do so will mean rejection of your application.

What you should do: Make a list of the required documents and ensure that you submit them to the Canadian embassy within the deadline.

Express Entry Admissions by Immigration Program

5. Inability to show proof of funds: An applicant for Canadian PR must show that he has enough funds in the form of bank statements or bank certificates. This is to prove he has the finances to support himself and his family. The applicant must give proof of funds based on the visa program he is applying.

What you should do: Provide all the required proof of your financial assets based on the requirements of your PR application.

6. Medical record: The Canadian government insists that every PR applicant must submit a medical certificate or a satisfactory medical report. This is to ensure that once they come to Canada, they do not cause a burden on the healthcare system or pose a threat to the Canadian public through any disease they may have.

7. Criminal background: Canada PR applicants must go through a criminal background check before their application is processed. They must not have any history of criminal offences committed in their home country. This is to prevent the entry of migrants who may pose a threat to Canadian citizens and the state.

Avoid rejection of your PR visa:

To reduce any chances of rejection, plan and prepare well in advance for your application submission. Be well-informed of the requirements and keep them ready well in advance. This will ensure acceptance of your application.

A better option would be to hire an immigration consultant. You will gain from their expertise and knowledge of Canadian immigration programs. They will help you submit a fool-proof application that will have very little ground for rejection.

If you are planning to migrate to Canada, browse through latest Canada Immigration News & Visa Rules.


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