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Posted on October 04 2019

Top 5 reasons to study in Ireland

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
study in Ireland

Factors like the quality of education blended with your skills decide the kind of job you get in the future. This doesn’t mean just a mere degree for a college. These days, the place and college from where you got the degree also matters a lot. You can study in one part of the world and get a job in another part.

In addition to your academic knowledge, it has become important that you acquire the cultural knowledge too. This is the reason why more and more students these days prefer to study abroad. Students choose Ireland as one of their destinations to study because of varied reasons. Let’s see what those are.

High quality of education:

Ireland is famous for its high quality of education. The country is nicknamed ‘The land of Saints and Scientists’ because of its education environment that favours research. The country is also listed among the top 10 places for start-up companies.

The country is a place of a large number of renowned colleges. More colleges imply more number of seats and more chances of getting them. Cork and Dublin are very famous for their IT industries. If you have plans to study in Ireland, you can choose from the below list of colleges which are some of the well-known among international students.

  1. Trinity College
  2. Athlone Institute of Technology
  3. American College Dublin
  4. Cock Institute of Technology
  5. Dublin Business School
  6. Dublin City University
  7. Dublin Institute of Technology
  8. DKIT Dublin
  9. Galway Mayo Institute of Technology

English speaking Nation:

Ireland is a English speaking nation. This makes the country an apt choice for Indian students. If your English proficiency is fairly good, getting admission in Ireland is very easy. Communicating and interacting with natives of Ireland becomes easy if you can speak good English.

Supportive government:

The government of Ireland is very supportive towards students of foreign countries. More and more Indian students prefer to study here. The government of Ireland has invested a lot on student programs and encourages students from foreign countries to study there. Easy student Visa and Scholarship programs are some of the initiatives taken up by the nation.

Naturally beautiful Nation:

Believe it or not, there is no chance of getting bored in Ireland. Because of the beautiful landscapes and farms with natural beauty, Ireland is among the top destinations for tourist visit. Studying in Ireland also gives you a unique opportunity to feel the beauty of the place. Along with studying there, you can enjoy the scenic beauty, visit the market and learn the culture of the place.

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Study in Ireland


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