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Posted on April 19 2022

How to extend US B1/B2 visa before it expires

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
The U.S. is the dream place to visit for many foreign nationals. The U.S. also provides different types of VISAS to offer entry for international people. The U.S. also supports multiple visits for specific people and specific reasons. Millions of people enter the U.S. and sometimes leave every year. That is why the U.S. is the most popular tourism and immigration destination.   Different VISAS offered by U.S. Government: Any foreign national needs a visa to enter the U.S. It can be any type of visa available. Some of them help in staying permanently, and some temporary support stay. The most commonly used VISAS issued by the U.S. by the Indians, specially availed by Indians, are  
S.No Type of visa Name of the Visas
1 Tourist or Business VISA B1 / B2
2 Work visa H1-B, H-1B-1,H-2A, H-2B,H-3, H-4, L-1, L-2, O, P, Q  type of VISAS
3 Student visa F-1, M-1
4 Exchange visitor visa J Visa
5 Transit visa Transit C & D
6 Religious worker R
7 Domestic employee B-1
8 Media VISA I Visa
  Understanding of VISAS:   Tourist or Business VISA (B1/B2) B1 or B2 visas are generally called ‘B Visas’ and are widely allotted to many people worldwide. The most common reason to take up the visas is to visit the relatives, family, and friends staying in the U.S. The B1 visa is mainly used for shortest business trips, whereas B2 is used for traveling purposes. These B visas do not allow work or receiving salaries from U.S. authorities. To work by having B Visas, one should apply for E Visa to work part-time or invest in businesses.   If you want to migrate to US, talk to our overseas immigration expert for assistance             Pros and cons of having B visas. The B VISAS are always given for a short time period, and the application process for applying for an E visa or L visa is easy to obtain. The Visa waiver program was introduced to a few friendly and cooperative nations by the United States. Few countries do not need visas. They can apply for ESTA and can stay for 90 days for tourism and short-term business. There are a few limitations to staying in the U.S. having B-Visas. B1- Visa is limited to business conversations, and local employment is not encouraged. B-2 Visa, after a few restrictions, allows sightseeing and part-time work.    B-1 Visa:   People who want to travel to the U.S. for business can obtain B1 Visa. The following activities are allowed with the B1 VISA
  • Business-related conferences, meetings, discussions are allowed
  • Contract negotiations are strictly related to business
  • Business-related research, tours, and inspections are also allowed.
  • Allowed to purchase materials, products, and many more.
  • Presence in business meetings and conferences is a must
  • Attesting a U.S. court of law
  Want to expand your business in U.S, or invest in U.S. Looking for assistance? Talk to Y-Axis overseas business immigration expert.          B-2 Visa: People who want to travel and tour in the U.S. can avail B-2 VISA. Following are the activities allowed for B-2 VISA in the U.S.
  • To stay with the friends, family, and relatives present in the U.S.
  • Tourism and tour-related activities are allowed to U.S. and U.S.-related islands.
  • Participating in exhibitions, events, and trade shows in the U.S. is allowed.
  • Attending exchange programs, meetings that U.S. social organizations and friendly organizations organize can be done.
  • Can undergo treatment or surgery; also, undergoing an examination at medical institutions and hospitals is also valid.
  Want to visit to U.S. to travel for exploration, then avail help from Y-Axis immigration assistance   Travel on B – Visas: By having B-Visa, one can visit the U.S. with a valid passport as many times they can. 6-month B-Visa allows you to stay six months or may vary depending on the visit. The immigration department needs to be informed of the purpose of the visit every time you enter; if the reasons do not sound good, they may send you back to your country. One can stay in the U.S. for the period given by the immigration department. If you have to extend your stay, then you have to sign and submit FORM I-94. Otherwise, you are called an illegal immigrant. 2, Work VISA: These visas are issued on a temporary basis, categorized by specializations. 3, Student VISA: The academic and vocational student visas depend on the field of study.
  1. Exchange Visitor: The exchange visitor visa is given to those who participate in exchange programs and also training and employment purposes
5, Transit VISA: these visas are visited by crew members of airlines and sea lines. 6, Religious VISA: Issued for religious visits. 7, Domestic Employee visit: Sometimes, the domestic employee visit can be taken by talking B1 VISA.
  1. Media or the journalist VISA: issued to media persons or journalists who want to make an official visit for news or shoots.
  Requirements for B1/B2 visas
  • Information related to the visit and the purpose of visit, along with the proofs should be provided.
  • Evidence of necessary financial resources covering the stay in the U.S. must be submitted.
  • All original documentation needs to be submitted
  • Only for a specific period are you allowed to stay.
  • Signing the accepting statement that you intend to get back to your home country after the purpose is fulfilled or not.
    Talk to Y-Axis, the world’s no.1 overseas immigration consultant?   Found this article more interesting, you may also read.. Top 10 Most Accepting Countries for Migrants


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