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Posted on January 28 2019

What is the Canada Study Visa?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Canada Study Visa

Canada Study Visa and Permit are needed by all overseas students who intend to study in Canada. This is if they need an ETA or Visitor Visa to arrive in Canada. The Visa itself does not authorize the holder to arrive at Canada. However, along with an ETA or Visitor Visa it offers you authorization to commence your studies in Canada.

The Visa for overseas students is essentially similar to an Electronic Travel Authorization or a Canada Visitor Visa. However, they will also need the Canada Study Permit. Thus, the Canada Study Visa is a combination of an ETA and Study Permit or Visitor Visa and Study Permit.

The Canada Study Permit allows you only to commence your studies in Canada at a DLI - Designated Learning Institution. It permits you to remain in Canada till the completion of your program. In a few cases, it allows to work as well while studying or upon graduation, as quoted by the CIC News.

You must fulfil the below conditions to keep the Canada Study Visa:

  • Always remain registered in a Designated Learning Institution
  • Be working towards completion of your enrolled program for the study
  • Fulfil the Study Visa requirements
  • Cease studying in case of failure to meet the Study Visa requirements
  • Exit Canada upon expiry of Study Permit immediately

The Study Permit does not authorize you to obtain Canadian documents or government benefits like health benefits. However, it will create an easier pathway for applying for Citizenship of Canada if you aim to do so.

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