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Posted on April 25 2022

Best countries with post-study work options for international students

By  Editor
Updated January 06 2024

The people who migrate overseas with the help of a student visa get to experience world-class education and a learning campus life. They have an opportunity to build a successful career overseas after graduating.

Many countries have various programs to facilitate employment in foreign countries after studies. The programs are highly beneficial for international students. Read on to know which countries provide work visas for international students.


The 485 visa permits foreign national students to work on a temporary basis after they complete their course in Australia. The visa is given to the students of the two streams given below:

  • Visa for graduate work – The students who have graduated are granted this visa to be employed for the skills and qualifications for specific jobs in Australia. They can stay in the country for a maximum period of 18 months.
  • Visa for post-study work: With the help of this visa, the foreign national students can complete their studies in Australia and, with the help of the degree, can stay back in the country and work for 2-4 years based on their qualifications

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The PGWP or Post-Graduation Work Permit facilitates international students to work for a maximum of 3 years in Canada after completing their study program from any DLI or Designated Learning Institution. The student needs to have a temporary visa status and should not have left Canada after the expiry of the visa.

If the student was issued the PGWP earlier or was sponsored by the GAC or Global Affairs Canada, the student would be ineligible for PGWP.

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The US grants an OPT or Optional Practical Training to the international students in the US with an F-1 visa. The students can apply for the OPT only while staying in the US.

OPT is an extension of the student visa. It allows the foreign national graduates who pass the eligibility requirements to work in the country. They are permitted to work for a maximum of one year after completing their study program. The graduates from the STEM field are eligible for a maximum of two years.

The temporary visa facilitates the students to remain in the US and search for jobs. They have the option to find an organization to fund their visa for employment. The US government has resumed the issuance of the temporary visa after stopping it during the pandemic.

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New Zealand

According to the qualification level of the international student in New Zealand, the country grants a post-study work visa for 1 to 3 years. The location where the student qualified is taken into consideration too.

The students who have completed their studies from a place other than Auckland prior to 2021 are eligible for a work visa to New Zealand for 2 to 3 years.


The post-study work visa of the UK for international students is valid for 2 years. After Brexit, there has been a demand to extend the period to 4 years. The visa is also known as the "visa route". It allows the students to search for employment in the country for a maximum of 2 years after completing their study program.

After 2 years, the graduate has the option to apply for a visa for skilled workers if they have managed to find an employment opportunity for a job that matches the skill required for the visa.

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