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York University – The Best Choice for MBA in Canada

The Schulich School of Business is a business school affiliated with York University. It is located in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. The business school is one of the best choices for a degree of MBA in Canada.

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A degree of MBA in York University opens up a wide range of avenues for you. The alumni have been job opportunities by the most renowned companies like Deloitte, Amazon, P&G, IBM, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and the like. More than 140 companies have hired MBA or International MBA students from Schulich. The average salary the graduates receive from this business is approximately 68,625 USD per year.

Types of MBA in York University

The specializations offered in the MBA program of Schulich School of Business are as follows:

  • MBA in Finance

An MBA in Finance teaches the students several management skills in finance. The many aspects of finance give importance to the skill and management of a company’s financial resources.

  • MBA in Accounting

The subjects taught in this program consist of taxation, accounting, finance, marketing, and Human resources and Management. Due to the high level of Business and Accounting cantered curriculum, the course helps students become efficient business professionals.

  • MBA in Marketing

This MBA program is aimed at students wanting to learn about marketing strategies, advertising, branding, and how to manage the resources efficiently needed in the marketing process.

  • MBA in Real Estate and Infrastructure

This program of MBA in Real Estate and Infrastructure focuses on the application of the principles of management on the development of the real estate. Real estate deals with acquiring land, surveying land, planning construction, cost estimation, hiring labor, project management, and regulatory processes.

  • MBA in International Business

An MBA in York University specializing in International Business equips you with the knowledge of the basic needs of International Business. It aims at professionals who have a few years of experience and want to enhance their leadership skills for a global business context.

Eligibility and entry requirement
  • Academic Eligibility

The applicants should have an undergraduate degree from a credible post-secondary academic institution.

The Bachelor’s degree should have 90 credits. The Bachelor’s degree with no Honors is also considered.

  • Work Experience

A minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience in the field and full-time work experience is required.

Applicants who have graduated with degrees for three years are also eligible for admissions. They must have at least one year of work experience.

  • Eligibility for Indian Students

The Indian students have to fulfill at least one of the requirements to be eligible for admissions.

  • First-class score in a 4-year course in the relevant field from a credible institution
  • A post-graduate degree with first-class marks in a relevant field from a credible institution.
  • GRE or GMAT scores are compulsory for the program. It is advised to submit a minimum score of 309 in GRE or 550 in GMAT for better chances of admission.
  • International students from non-English speaking countries need to prove their proficiency in English through IELTS, TOEFL, or any other equivalent test.

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Checklist of requirements

The documents listed below are required for admissions to the program:

  • Statement of Purpose: An essay or other written statement written by the student.
  • Resume or CV: Outline of academic achievements and/or awards, publications, relevant work, and/or volunteer experience.
  • Academic Certificates: Submit copies of official transcripts from the post-secondary academic institutions attended.
  • Sample of a written work: The applicant has to write something in their sample essay for the application form.
  • Statement of Interest: You have to submit the intent for pursuing this program. This includes a description of past experiences.
  • Two confidential letters of recommendation: References from teachers, guidance counselors, or Professors are considered valid. They should comment on the academics, and the references should be submitted with the application.
  • Proof of funds: Proof that students have enough funds to support themselves during their stay in Canada.
  • LORs: Letters of reference or any other documents the visa office tells students to submit.

Fees at the York University

The fees for the MBA program in York University are given as follows.

Type Year 1 Year 2
Tuition Fees ₹ 32,47,534 ₹ 32,47,534
Health Insurance ₹ 50,786 ₹ 50,786
Books And Supplies ₹ 1,36,118 ₹ 1,36,118
Total Fees ₹ 34,34,438 ₹ 34,34,438
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