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Choose from the best – MBA in University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is known as the best center for learning, teaching, and research. It has been ranked in the best MBA schools in Canada. The university also features in the top 20 universities in the world.

The UBC practices innovation and implements ideas to transform them into effective action since its establishment in 1915.

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Types of MBA Programs offered

There are multiple kinds of MBA programs provided by the University of British Columbia. The programs are listed below.

  1. MBA or Master of Business Administration

This MBA program is a sixteen month course. It is a full-time MBA program at Robert H. Lee Graduate School of UBC. The program offers a unique integrated perspective. The students gain skills to innovate, grow through learning by experience, and develop individualized skills for leadership.

One can choose from the four unique career paths and transform themselves professionally and personally.

In this program, one can experience:

  • Courses of Integrative business
  • Specialized courses for a designated career path
  • Experiential learning through internship and industry or entrepreneurial projects in the summer

The compulsory GIE or Global Immersion Experience facilitates the students of the full-time MBA program to spend two weeks abroad, availing an opportunity to work on business problems with the local organizations.

They design briefs and conduct research. The students prepare for the experience on the UBC campus before they finish their course. It is a valuable experience that helps students understand the implications of culture in business decisions and adapt to different ways of doing things.

The network facilitates the MBA students from partner schools opportunities to gain more international experience during their study program, including an option for dual degree with Global Network Weeks, Yale School of Management, and Global Network Courses.

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  1. MBAN or Master of Business Analytics

The UBC MBAN program is for twelve months. The MBAN program gives the students the coveted analytical skills for broad-ranging business scenarios. The UBC graduates are taught to implement modern analytical tools and methods needed to address the challenges in management in the business world.

The study program has 39 credits. The subjects include Data Analytics, Data Handling, and Decision Analytics.

The students will get a 6-credit 4-month Internship in Analytics Consulting. In the internship, the students have the chance to have real-world experience and first-hand business skills with well-known organizations.

The UBC MBAN program has substantial advantages.

1) The four-month internship helps in enhancing the technical expertise one has learned by working with the organization. The UBC Sauder’s COE or Centre for Operations Excellence has an excellent faculty. Interning with them gives practical experience in consulting and adds to the success of the business.

2) The partnerships of COE with renowned organizations facilitate the UBC MBAN students to gain from the extensive network of industry professionals and partners.

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Eligibility Requirements for UBC

The requirements to qualify in the study program in UBC is given below:

12th No  cut off specified
Graduation A minimum of 65% in a three to four years of graduation study program
TOEFL score 100-120
GMAT score  550-800
  A minimum of 50th percentile in each test section
PTE score  70-90
IELTS score  7-9
GRE score 310/340
Work Experience Minimum: 24 Months
Minimum two years of full-time work experience gained after graduation is required
For competitive edge at least 3 to 5 years of full-time work experience
Fee Structure of the MBA Programs

The fee structure of the MBA program is given below:

Fees  for International Students
Application Fee $148.50
Tuition  Fees
No. of fee instalments per year 3
Tuition per instalment $21,648.02
Program Fee $86,592.08
Int. Tuition Award (ITA) per year (if eligible) Not applicable
Other Fees and Costs
Student Fees (yearly)  
Costs of living (yearly)  
Deposit to Accept Offer (if Admitted)
Deposit requirement $5000.00
Employment opportunities for the alumni

The MBA study program in British Columbia is designed to enable students for employment in the private or public sector of managerial professions. The graduates are employed at Nestle, Amazon, TD, RBC, Telus, BMO, CIBC, Avigilon, Lululemon, Labatt, and the like.

The recurrent job titles after graduation from UBS includes:

  • Senior Manager in Strategy
  • Senior Manager in Value Creation Services
  • Project Manager
  • Retail Solutions Manager
  • Management Consultant
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