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MBA in University of Alberta – The Best among Alberta Business Schools

The UAlberta or the University of Alberta is one of the most esteemed Universities in Canada. The Alberta School of Business of the University of Alberta is situated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was established in 1916 and has a century of legacy and expertise. The institute is publicly-funded, and its approach is intensive in research.

The Financial Times of London has ranked the University of Alberta in the top fifty publicly funded universities globally and consistently.

The Alberta School of Business was the first business school in Canada that was accredited by the AACSB or Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business in 1968. It has maintained its accreditation till the present, making it the only business school in Canada to be the most extended accredited business school.

The business school at the University of Alberta is known for being a pioneer in research, the quality of academic programs, successful graduate careers, and the impact it has economically on Alberta, the country of Canada, and the world. The Alberta School of Business promotes an environment where entrepreneurial thinking and innovation are free to flourish.

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MBA Programs in Alberta

These are the programs offered by the University of Alberta.

  • Full-Time MBA

The two-year program is aimed at individuals who are looking to progress in their careers while also having the option to study a broad range of combined degrees and career tracks.

This MBA program in UAlberta is stimulating, compelling, inspiring, focused, and connected to real-world issues. Graduating from the UAlberta, you are endowed with contemporary knowledge, skills that are highly sought after, and confidence to progress in your career. The MBA study program incorporates case studies, lectures, and experiential learning.

The MBA program takes 20 months to complete. The program gives you the flexibility to pursue skills and knowledge in multiple topics with the help of the University’s Career Tracks, as a general program or a combined degree.

  • FastTrack MBA

The FastTrack MBA program is specifically formulated for business graduates. The program enhances your leadership skills and takes them to the next level over a period of 10 – 22 months.

Rather than repeatedly going through the business fundamentals, the FastTrack MBA emphasizes on the studies of advanced management topics that are required for the development of your career. The FastTrack program prepares the students for the elective courses of senior Alberta MBA.

The course lasts for 10 months in a full-time program and 22 months in a part-time program. The students start their FastTrack MBA study program with an intensive course of one week in mid-August and then join the already-pursuing MBA students to complete the program.

The part-time students start in the Winter session, that is, January and are required to complete the one-week intensive course by August.

  • Part-Time MBA

This MBA study program is conducted both online and in classrooms. This option provides all the benefits of the full-time MBA program. Still, it allows the flexibility for you to continue working.

The part-time MBA program has twenty courses and is rigorous. The program is flexible and provides the students the option of pursuing the program online or in classrooms. The online courses are asynchronous in nature. It means you have the option to sit for the classes and learn according to your convenience.

The in-person or physical courses are offered on the evenings of weekdays at the main campus. The students complete the program in 3 to 4 years. However, you can take up to 6 years to complete the course.

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  • Executive MBA

The EMBA or Executive MBA is drawn out for professionals with experience. The EMBA gives you the skills you need to progress in your career and add to your management abilities.

The EMBA program lasts for 22 months. The classes are conducted in person at the University of Alberta on the Edmonton campus. It is intended for managers at the senior level who wish to augment the value of their organization in an atmosphere of increased complexity in competitive circumstances. Critical thinking skills are vital for making decisions at a senior level.

It gives you the skills that will allow you to expedite your career. What you are good at, what you need to work on, and how to interact with others effectively. You will learn these vital skills, as well as learn about yourself.

  • Energy MBA

The Energy MBA study program at UAlberta is designed to cater to the increasing demands for leaders with expertise and skills in the sector of energy and natural resources.

The course is for 32 months. The program has online courses and three weeks of in-person classes. You will be a member of a small cohort who will work closely for the three years of this program. The course work includes the programs of UAlberta MBA with a specialization in the NREE or Natural Resources, Energy, and Environment.

Criteria of Admission in UAlberta

To assess the candidate’s academic and professional qualifications, the criteria given below are used:

  • An undergraduate degree with a GPA score of a minimum of 3.0
  • The required GMAT and GRE scores
  • The required score on English Proficiency tests
  • Work experience
  • Letter of Statement of Intent
  • Two reference letters
  • Interviews for admissions

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Fee Structure of Alberta School of Business

The fee structure of the Alberta School of Business is given as follows:

Items Cost
Tuition & Fees 1 $4,676.55
Books & Materials $500 – $800
Campus Accommodation $500 – $1500/month
Food/Living Expenses $300/month
Transit Pass $153 (U-Pass)
 Total $42,500- $65,000

The Alberta School of Business ranks 7 in Canada in the QS Rankings, and its acceptance rate is 51 percent.

The Alberta School of Business brings together globally-acclaimed faculty and the brightest students. The master’s program at Alberta School of Business equips the students with the skills and expertise to progress in their careers. The MBA programs in UAlberta provide specializations in career tracks for Operations & Business Analytics, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Consulting, Energy Finance, and Public Sector & Healthcare Management. Go for an MBA in the Alberta School of Business for professional and personal development.

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