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Ryerson University MBA – A Wise Choice

The Ryerson University, or as it was previously known as Toronto Metropolitan University, TMU, or Toronto Met, is a public-funded research university situated in Toronto, Ontario of Canada. The university’s main campus is located in the Garden District, but it also has operational facilities in other places in Toronto.

The university operates in seven academic divisions or faculties. One of the divisions is the Ted Rogers School of Management.

The Ryerson University ranking is quite good. The Ryerson University QS ranking is 10 in Business and Management studies, and the acceptance rate of the University is 12 to 15 percent.

If you are looking for pursuing MBA in Canada, opting for a Ryerson MBA degree is a decision you should not have second thoughts about.

MBA in Ted Rogers

The Ted Rogers MBA is structured to create leaders in business who can adapt to the dynamic trends and the prompt demands of the industry. Our approach is a hybrid that integrates strong foundations in academics with a practical learning approach that helps the students gain skills of being a leader, skills, and confidence they would need to achieve success in their professional life.

The MBA program at Ted Rogers provides the option of a full-time and part-time MBA program for students. It gives the students an opportunity to team up and learn from their peers with diverse social, academic, and professional backgrounds. The levels of experience on the campus are reflective of the circumstances in the workplace. The students testify that it creates an invaluable learning experience and helps them develop their skills in teamwork and leadership.

The flexible full-time and part-time options for the MBA study program help in living a wholesome life, with no aspect being given less importance. The duration of the MBA program depends on various factors that include one’s academic background and the other courses the students are pursuing per semester.

Eligibility Requirements

The requirements of the eligibility for the MBA program at Ted Rogers are given below:

Qualification Entry Criteria
12th No specific cutoff mentioned
Graduation No specific cutoff mentioned
Applicant must have completed a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce or equivalent business degree from a recognized institution
Overall average of 3.0/4.33 (B) or higher in the final two years of university study, including post-graduate university programs
Applicants with a non-business degree are required to complete foundation courses like : Accounting, Finance, Quantitative Methods for Business, Economics and Principles of Management
Applicants without an undergraduate degree in business but who have completed equivalent courses to the foundation courses may be exempted on a case-by-case basis
TOEFL Marks – 100/120
GMAT No specific cutoff mentioned
PTE Marks – 68/90
IELTS Marks – 7.5/9
GRE No specific cutoff mentioned
A GRE can also be considered in place of a GMAT score
Work Experience Minimum: 24 Months
Minimum of two years full-time post-graduate work experience
Other eligibility criteria For exemption from English proficiency requirement, applicants are required to provide an official statement from their institution’s Registrar’s office confirming the use of English as the Medium of Instruction for the duration of their study.
Fee Structure

The fee structure of the MBA study program at Ted Rogers is given as follows:

Program International Tuition Fees
MBA (full-time and part-time fees) $47,391.66*
Foundation Courses (full-time and part-time fees) $4,213.63*/course
Why to choose Ryerson?

The institution was started as the Ryerson Institute of Technology in 1948. It is named in honor of Egerton Ryerson, who is a well-known contributor to the system of public schools in Canada. His views have influenced the policies for the development of the Canadian Indian residential school system following his death.

In 1964, the institution was restructured under the legislation of the province and renamed as Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. The change in the name authorized the institution to grant degree-issuing powers in the 1970s.

The university is a co-educational institution. More than 44,400 undergraduate students and 2,950 graduates were admitted to the institution before the closure of the pandemic was announced.

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