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Why Canada tops as a global destination for Work Overseas?

Canada tops as a global destination for Work Overseas

Canada is fast emerging as a top global destination for Work Overseas. People around the world are immigrating here to start a new life. Vikram Rangnekar is an IT software engineer who immigrated to Canada from Silicon Valley in the US.  He says that there is no other nation perhaps that welcomes overseas immigrants even if they do not have a job offer.

Rangnekar runs a portal that aligns eligible IT professionals with Canada job seekers. Many of my friends from the US have made a life here in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal he said.

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada Spokesperson Nancy Carron says that it is the immigration system that has made Canada as a nation that it is now. It is prosperous, diverse and welcomes those who are in need, she added.

Carron elaborated on the most ambitious plan for immigration levels in the present times. It is aimed to increase the numbers of immigrants to 330,000 in 2019, she added. The target is 340,000 for 2020, said the Spokesperson. This will support the labour market and business needs in Canada. It will also accentuate economic growth as the population in Canada is aging and labour force growth is slowing, said Carron.

Canada is aware that it is a nation with vast natural resources but also has an acute scarcity of workers. It is imperative to attract labour and talent from across the world, as quoted by Money Life. It is not surprising that Vancouver and Toronto are being increasingly preferred for Work Overseas. They have reported a double increase in immigration in the last 3 years that includes even from the US.

Economic immigration particularly helps Canada to attract global talents and remain competitive said, Carron. Immigrants bring global experience, innovative ideas, and unique skill sets that help our economy, she added.

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