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The US H1B is expanding to include careers other than tech

Posted on August 30, 2019
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Walmart has outsourced almost 569 jobs in finance and accounting to Indian H1B contract staff in North Carolina in the US. This clearly highlights the growth of the H1B program from just tech jobs to finance, healthcare, accounting and design.

The outsourced work will be taken over by Genpact. The outsourcing could potentially save over $25,000 per person in payroll prices for Walmart.

Many software jobs have already been moved from the US to India. This is often done by using the H1B program because of a bigger workforce in India. This offshore job switching has significantly expanded the US-India Outsourcing Financial system. It is also freeing up non-permanent H1B Visas to expand the offshoring careers to many other disciplines within the financial and healthcare segments.

In 2018, the financial sector requested the US Govt. for the following number of visas:

  • Goldman Sachs- 227 visas
  • JPMorgan and Chase & Co- 207 visas
  • Blackrock Monetary Administration- 129 visas
  • Citibank- 59 visas

The finance sector in the US requested for 1,604 H1B visas for Accountants and almost 2,000 H1Bs for financial analysts.

The H1B program is also being used to bring in healthcare professionals in the US. 2018 saw 7,783 H1B petitions for healthcare jobs in the US. The significant ones are as follows:

  • Physicians and Surgeons-1,894
  • Dentists- 476
  • Biology Scientists- 1,681
  • Therapists- 440
  • Pharmacists- 112

Many firms in the US are lobbying politicos to help them bring in overseas staff. The Sanford Medical Group is bringing in staff through the H1B Program for its clinics in North and South Dakota. They are being supported by Senator Kevin Cramer’s S.386 outsourcing laws, as per Headlinezpro.

In 2018, many US firms also filed H1B petitions for design jobs. 911 petitions were filed for graphic designers and 243 for inside designers. 283 H1B applications were made for architects while 110 and 386 petitions were made for style designers and industrial designers respectively.

The above visa numbers show that the H1B Program could have a big share of other professions in the future.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics projects that there could be 11,000 new jobs in the US for graphic designers in the next decade. The current request of just 5,000 H1B visas for graphic designers could only fil in just 40% of those jobs.

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