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UAE permits highly skilled workers to work in 2 jobs

Posted on April 25, 2018
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UAE permits highly skilled workers

The Human Resources and Emiratisation Ministry of UAE has announced that select workers will be permitted to work in 2 jobs or for more than a single employer. The part-time contracts will be accessible only to Highly Skilled Workers. This includes workers with a Diploma or University Degree classified under the skills categories Level 1 and Level 2.

The minimum salary for the workers in the Level 1 category must not be lesser than 12, 000 AED. The minimum salary for the workers in the level 2 category must not be lesser than 7, 000 AED, as quoted by the Migrant Rights Org.

  • Level 1 Professions – Management Staff , HR Officer , Finance Manager , Sales Manager , Engineer , Doctors , Surgeons , Physicians , Clinicians , Pharmacist,  Lawyers , Administration Officer, Reservation Officer, Public Relations Officer , Accountants , Teachers , Professors , Draughtsman, Advertising Designer,  Graphics Designer, Marking Specialist, Quantity Surveyor , Executive Secretary , Accounts Clerk , and Computer Operator.
  • Level 2 Professions – Technicians, Mechanics, Software Developers, Web Developers, Telecom Technicians, Architectural Technicians, and Auto Mechanics.

Workers are not required to obtain permission from the first employer to seek another part-time job elsewhere. The original employer will be responsible for legally mandated benefits and all labor fees.

Earlier neither Overseas Workers nor UAE nationals were permitted to work for more than a single employer. Being employed for more than single employer continues to be illegal for other workers.

Offering flexible options for employment to immigrants with lower income too will be beneficial to them. These are the workers who actually respond to the labor market demands for part-time jobs.

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