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Posted on May 25 2018

The types of South Africa Work Visas for overseas workers

By Editor
Updated March 15 2023

For aspiring immigrants to the Rainbow Nation, there are diverse categories of South Africa Work Visas to choose from. The labor laws of this nation are also very favorable towards the employees including overseas workers.

Below are the major types of South Africa Work Visas:

Work Visa:

Immigrants can apply for this visa via Visa Facilitation Services Centers or at the closest Embassy/Consulate/Mission of South Africa. It is only offered to overseas workers when no nationals of South Africa with appropriate skills are available for the job opening. It has a fixed validity period, as quoted by the R News CO ZA.

General Work Visa:

It has a validity that lasts for the term of the contract for employment but cannot exceed 5 years.

Critical Skills Work Visa:

This visa is offered to overseas workers for a maximum period of 5 years.

Intra-company Transfer Work Visa:

It is offered when an MNC transfers an employee from one nation to another. The maximum validity is 4 years and cannot be renewed or extended.

Corporate Visa:

This visa has a maximum validity of 3 years. It permits a firm to hire a fixed number of unskilled/semi-skilled/skilled workers.

Study Visa:

It has a validity that lasts for the duration of studies in South Africa. The visa holder is permitted to work part-time that cannot exceed 20 hours weekly.

Section 24 Visa:

An asylum seeker can apply for a Section 24 Visa that permits the individual to remain for 2 years in South Africa when the asylum is approved. It is renewable and the visa holder can study and work in South Africa as long as the visa is valid.

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