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Top 5 UK Degrees that earn the highest salaries for fresh grads

Posted on June 19, 2018
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UK Degrees

Overseas students who obtain fresh UK Degrees will be eager to earn high salaries as fresh graduates. The latest research has revealed the top 5 UK Degrees that earn the highest salaries for fresh graduates.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies in the UK has revealed the top 5 UK degrees:

  1. Economics
  2. Medicine
  3. Business
  4. Computing
  5. Architecture

The IFS report states that the students who pursue UK Degrees in Economics and Medicine are likely to earn much higher salaries than their fellow students. These were succeeded by the Business, Computing, and Architecture.

The specific UK degrees offer 10% higher pay package to the students than the average, as quoted by the Study International. The graduates in Medicine and Economics streams earned more than even students from private schools. They also earn higher than those from affluent family backgrounds that usually earn higher than any other group.

Around 10% of the UK students pursue a degree in Creative Arts. Nevertheless, an average degree holder in this stream has pay package 15% lesser than the average salary. This is even lower if they are from underprivileged backgrounds.

Graduates who studied particular course at 2 institutions in the UK earned more than twice the national average. These are Mathematics at London Imperial College and Economics at London School of Economics.

The courses that earned the lowest earned 40% lesser than the average salary for a graduate in the UK. The average salaries have been revealed by the IFS. The average earnings for a graduate 5 years after graduation are between 26,000 £ and 30,000 £. Thus, the difference could imply salary difference of more than 10,000 £ annually.

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