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Top 3 tips to navigate your Overseas Career

Posted on November 24, 2018
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Overseas Career

The Chief Marketing Officer of Career Builder Amy Heidersbach has revealed top 3 tips that can guide to navigate through your Overseas Career:

  1. Take big risks early on:

Heidersbach went on a vacation just after college to Seattle. She worked at a restaurant and learned some important lessons. These include connecting with people and creating repeat customers. The lessons that she learned then have served extremely well ever since in her career in Marketing.

The CMO said that one needs to take big risks as and when possible at a young age. The risks that you don’t take are the things that you regret adds Heidersbach.

  1. Ask yourself the correct questions—and actually, listen to the answers:

It is critical to ask yourself the important questions. But it is equally important to pay heed to the answers to these questions. This will help to obtain much-needed clarity and act upon it, as quoted by the Forbes.

The questions could be – Am I doing what I have to be doing? Am I staying where I want to? Am I making meaning in my life and for others? The answers are already with us if we really listen. We must also be willing to strive for a life with just some or better no regrets at all.

  1. Start with the mind of a beginner:

Amy Heidersbach said that early in her career, she turned to the concept of mindfulness. She then decided to practice consciously one of its core ideas – to have a mind of a beginner.

The idea is simple says the CMO. One must begin everything with an attitude of eagerness, openness, and a lack of preconceptions. This is irrespective of the presence or absence of advanced knowledge. Ding away with individual views and leading with curiosity makes learning easier, said Heidersbach.

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