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What are the top tips to settle in your new overseas job?

Posted on March 15, 2019
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The first day at your work in your first overseas jobs is an assorted one. Anxiety, nervousness, enthusiasm, and thrill everything at a time. In continuation of our previous blog, here we present some more tips so that your beginning in the new overseas job is as smooth and easy as possible.

Tip #5: Work hard, however, do not stress yourself

It is obvious that your enthusiasm is at peak levels as this is your first job and you want to excel in every task assigned to you. However, be alert that you can end up exhausting your creativity and productivity in your efforts to do this. The results can be more harmful than good.

Tip #6: Be honest to yourself

Fitting in is on the top of the list when you start off at a new place. Everyone around you can appear to be brilliant, experienced, knowledgeable and even intimidating at times.

Fit in and build a bond while you take the initiative to start a conversation. Keep in mind not to lose your identity as an individual as you are truly special and one of a kind.

Tip #7: Remain for a while in your job

Job-hopping can appear to be an easy solution to the new generation. But the fact is that it eliminates the possible learning, growth, and opportunities that could have come your way. It also gives an impression of being a job-hopper and organizations generally avoid such candidates.

Thus, remain in your job for a while and deliver your best in that time. Also, do not miss a promising job just for the reason that it came up a bit early, as quoted by the Kotak.

Tip #8:  Expand your income

Start investing from the very initial months irrespective of how small or big your salary is. You can commence with basic investments such as Fixed Deposit or Recurring Deposit. Instead, you can also try SIPs that permit you to begin in a small way and earn really good returns.

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Top career tips for settling into your first overseas job

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