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Top career tips for settling into your first overseas job

Posted on March 15, 2019
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Starting out in your first overseas job can be both exciting and challenging. It is your first step into a completely new phase of life. Below are a few tips to help you start on the right note in your first overseas job:

Tip #1: Get right the first impression

One among the many reasons why the initial days wreck your nerves is the fact that we all are aware of how crucial the first impression is. However, do not be anxious.

Start off with the fundamentals – be on time and be dressed in your best attire. Most important of all is to carry a positive attitude. This is the best thing that will get your first impression right.

Tip #2: Ask many questions

This is something that you have learned in your school days and carry it to your professional life. Ask questions when you are in doubt. Take time to comprehend the work mechanics and your job profile.

No one anticipates that you will know everything. Be attentive when your mentor/guide explains the technicalities to you. Do not hesitate to ask questions and openly communicate if you have any concerns.

Tip #3: Speak up

In the beginning period, you can think that it is best to observe people remaining silent. Not true actually. The fact that you are new plays to your advantage. You can offer innovative solutions by looking at any problem with fresh perspective.

Express your enthusiasm by coming up with solutions. Organizations always seek such keen-to-contribute and passionate minds, as quoted by the Kotak.

Tip #4: Know the office culture

Your comprehending and observational skills will be handy here. Each firm has an innovative work culture that helps them in achieving enhanced performance.

Take time to understand and observe the oral rules at your workplace. The sooner you appreciate and understand the culture, the better you will integrate and have good work time.

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