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638 migrants get Canada PR chance via PN by Manitoba


638 migrants now have Canada PR chance via Provincial Nomination by Manitoba as it has offered them invites for the same in the draw held on 13 March 2018. Out of these, 253 invites have been offered to express entry pool candidates.

The 638 migrants who have received an invite for Provincial Nomination from Manitoba have a Canada PR chance if they are successful in their application. This is because it will incur 600 CRS points to them, as quoted by the CIC News. From 2017 onwards the CRS scores needed for receiving Canada PR ITA have been in the range of 410s to 450s. Thus 600 CRS points imply they will surely get an ITA for Canada PR!

253 advice letters have been issued by the Provincial Nominee Program of Manitoba to candidates in the Express entry pool. These candidates had a validation code as a job seeker. They also possessed minimum 6 months of latest experience in a job on the Occupation list of In-Demand MPNP.

The Express entry candidate with the lowest rank who received the invite via Expression of Interest by Manitoba had a score of 545. It is a decline of 15 points when compared with the last draw held by the new MPNP Sub-stream aligned with Express entry. This is also a decrease of 20 points in comparison with the inaugural draw of the sub-stream that was held on 11 January.

184 candidates in the Manitoba stream Skilled Workers were also offered the invites. The lowest ranked invitee had a score of 545. Apart from these, 144 Overseas Stream Skilled Workers also received the invites. The lowest ranked invitee possessed a score of 590.

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