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Posted on February 22 2023

Jobs outlook in Germany for 2023

By  Editor
Updated February 23 2024

Germany job market in 2023

  • 2+ Million Job openings in Germany for the year 2023.
  • Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich are the highest-paying states in terms of jobs.
  • The GDP growth of Germany is 2.5%.
  • As per the Global Data, the rate of unemployment is set at 3.4% - 3.93% for the year 2023-2024.
  • 447,055 immigrants admissions are likely to be admitted in the year 2023.

Germany has been releasing conducive immigration programs for skilled migrants with relevant skills. The quality of education and work environment is superior in Germany, with equal employment opportunities for immigrants. The country has many job outlooks in government and private organizations.

This article will provide detailed information about Germany's job outlook.

Top in-demand jobs in Germany in 2023

  • Nursing & Healthcare – Germany needs skilled medical professionals with acquired qualifications to fill the shortage of competent medical specialists. Trained or practicing nurses are primarily in demand mainly to cater to the service of the senior citizens in the country. The candidate must, however, be proficient in the German language and adhere to the German Ministry for Health regulations to get a job as a nurse or medical expert in Germany.
  • Engineering – There is a great demand for engineering in Germany, especially in mechanical, electronics, research, project engineering, etc. The construction line in Germany has immense scope for skilled workers who can contribute to the ever-growing inadequacy of engineers. Immigrants are employed to carry out construction projects, development, and planning and building projects. 
  • Aviation – International immigrants can find many jobs in the aviation industry. Jobs like aircraft technicians, aircraft maintenance engineers, aircraft mechanics, electronics technicians, and more are available in the aviation sector. Germany offers good packages in the aviation sector, provided they have the required skills and qualifications. 
  • IT industrySome of the top IT and software companies are Germany-based. Candidates with a recognized degree from an established university or institution can get a good job either as a software developer, security analyst, web developer, or software engineer, amongst other roles. These jobs come with proper accreditation and additional benefits to help the employee acquire a PR. 
  • Finance & Insurance – Immigrants can apply for jobs in the finance and insurance sector provided they have the required qualification and a verified degree from a reputed institution. The payouts in the finance and insurance sector are high, with job security and a maintained standard of work.
  • Business analytics & Account management – There are job roles for account managers and data analysts in many companies in Germany. Experienced candidates with a background in finance and business sectors are prioritized with high packages. 

Job salaries in Germany in 2023

Industry Average Salary per annum
Nursing Upto € 45 522 per year
Engineering Upto € 64,532 per year
Architecture Upto € 75,621 per year
IT industry Upto €40,000 per year
Finance and Insurance Upto €48,750 per year
Aviation Upto € 34,950 per year
Business Intelligence Upto €50,880 per year
Accounting Upto €44 888 per year
Banking Upto € 40,800 per year

 *Note: The values mentioned above are approximate values and may vary with company.

Types of German work visa

A residence visa is required for candidates who do not belong to the EU or EEA regions if they wish to stay for over 90 days in Germany. This residence visa is supposed to be taken along with the work permit.


Types of resident permit visas

  • Temporary resident visas
  • Blue card
  • Permanent settlement permit
  • EC long-term residence visa

Requirements for a German work visa

The documentation required to acquire a work permit in Germany is:

  • Passport-size photocopies.
  • An active passport
  • Application form for a resident visa.
  • Declaration of the employment relation
  • Proof of work contract for the offered job.
  • Registration certification

Apply for a German work visa

Step 1: The candidate must have a job offer from a German employer.

Step 2: You must be thorough with the requirements of the visa before applying for the visa.

Step 3: Keep the required documents sorted before scheduling an appointment for the interview.

Step 4: Pay the German employment work visa fees.

Step 5: Attend the interview and wait for the status.  

How can Y-Axis help you?

Y-Axis can assist you with the services listed below to get a German work visa:

Eligibility Check: You can check your eligibility for free through the Y-Axis Germany Immigration Points Calculator.

Coaching Services: Y-Axis provides coaching services for language proficiency tests which include IELTSCELPIP, and PTE.

Counseling: Y-Axis provides free counseling services.

Job services: Avail job search services to find jobs in Germany related to architects

Reviewing requirements: Your requirements will be reviewed by our experts for your visa

Want to work in Germany? Contact Y-Axis, the world’s No. 1 overseas consultant.

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