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Job outlook in Singapore for 2020

Posted on July 4, 2020
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Jobs in Singapore

Singapore has always been one of the favored destinations for an overseas career and this is because it offers a high standard of living and good career opportunities in various sectors.

The job outlook for Singapore in 2020, indicates job opportunities in manufacturing, transportation, finance and insurance, and retail sectors. According to a LinkedIn report, these are the top jobs in Singapore for 2020:

These are Singapore’s top jobs in 2020:

  1. AI specialist
  2. Robotics engineer
  3. Full-stack engineer
  4. Backend developer
  5. Data scientist
  6. DevOps engineer
  7. Data engineer
  8. Cybersecurity specialist
  9. Community specialist
  10. Partnerships specialist
  11. Clinical specialist
  12. E-commerce specialist
  13. Customer success specialist
  14. Product owner
  15. Creative copywriter

In the past year, Singapore added more than 60,000 jobs which is a significant number of jobs for the small country. Continuing the same momentum of job growth for 2020 seems doubtful especially after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Job market outlook

The job market outlook report for Singapore by Ranstad before the Coronavirus outbreak indicated that the fintech, manufacturing and retail sectors will see a lot of changes in demand for talent and salaries to employees.

The report states that fintech firms will look for talent from overseas to meet skill shortages.

The demand in the manufacturing sector is likely to be in research and development where companies will seek to improve their existing products or create new ones. There will be a demand for manufacturing engineers and process development engineers in research and development.

There will also be a demand for marketing professionals in the FMCG sector.

 Coronavirus pandemic and impact on hiring

After the outbreak of a pandemic, companies here are slowing down their hiring process but at the same time adopting online recruitment methods such as online interviews and video conferencing.

Most companies are not expecting a hiring freeze. The government’s efforts to help the economy has made them optimistic.

The government is making efforts to help employees with job retention and are helping businesses with financial aid especially the sectors directly affected by the pandemic.

This has made companies and overseas job seekers in Singapore optimistic that employment will pick up once the pandemic is over.

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