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Job outlook in Australia for 2021

Posted on November 21, 2020
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Job Outlook Australia

If you’re looking for a career in Australia, you will be keen to know about the job outlook, the sectors where there are job opportunities and the high-demand professions and the highest-paid workers in those sectors. This will help you to build a stronger job search strategy and to be effective in finding a job.

The job outlook for 2021 indicates a rise in job opportunities for the following sectors:

Healthcare industry

The healthcare industry in Australia has had the biggest increase and growth in 5 years, and this is expected to continue in 2021. The occupations that are the most in demand in this sector are registered nurses, nursing support workers, disabled and aged care givers, personal care workers and receptionists.

Software industry

There will be openings for software developers who have skills in the areas of user experience, mobile design, front end and full stack development.

Trades and construction industry

There will be a demand for professionals such as electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and joiners. There is also a demand for non-skilled workers as well.

 Education sector

There will be job openings for teachers in secondary schools more so in the regional parts of the country. This is the reason it ranks high in the occupation ceilings list.

 Management professionals

Professionals in marketing, advertising and accounting will be in demand. Skilled professionals in these occupations have a better chance.

Automotive and engineering trades sector

Professionals such as motor mechanics, automotive electricians, automatic transmission mechanics, automotive air-conditioning mechanics will be in demand. Those skilled in various engineering trades such as sheet metal workers, panel beaters, welders, fitters and metal fabricators, will be required across various states in Australia.

Engineering sector

There will be a demand for engineers from various fields. This will include mechanical, industrial, electronics, transport and electrical engineers.

Farming sector

There will always be a demand for temporary workers in farms for tasks such as crop picking, and there are also opportunities for highly skilled agricultural workers.

Here are the salary details of the top sectors for 2021

Occupation Average yearly  – salary
Information technology 91,200 AUD
Banking 98,700 AUD
Telecommunications 80,000 AUD
Human resources 85,900 AUD
Engineering 76,600 AUD
Marketing, advertising, PR 102,000 AUD
Construction, real estate 53,400 AUD

Job market outlook 2021

Occupation ceiling

An ‘occupation ceiling’ means a limit on the total number of Expression of Interests (EOIs) that can be selected for skilled migration from any particular occupation group.

Once the occupation limit is reached for any specific occupation, no further invitations will be received for the same for that program year.

In such a scenario of the occupation ceiling being reached, invitations will then be alternatively issued to those interested in migrating to Australia from other occupations groups even if they have a low ranking on the score calculator.

The occupation ceiling is introduced to ensure that a limited number of occupations do not make up the biggest percentage of the skilled migration program. The ceiling ensures that more invites are not issued to these professionals once the limit is reached and professionals from lower ranking occupations in the list also get a chance to work in Australia.

Even though the number of job openings is lesser compared to 2019 due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, still there are considerable number of jobs available for those with the required qualifications.

The job outlook for 2021 promises a range of jobs in different sectors and you have good chances if you are planning to move to Australia for work.

Even though the number of job openings is lesser compared to 2019 due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, still there are considerable number of jobs available for those with the required qualifications.

Sector wise outlook

Healthcare-194100 jobs

Software-287,000 jobs

Construction-128, 200 jobs

Education -118,700 jobs

Management -137,500 jobs

Automotive and engineering trades-148,300 jobs

Engineering -353,100 jobs

There are many employment opportunities for people with the right skills in Australia. You must know which sector to apply for and if you have the right skillsets and work experience, then nothing can stop you from landing your dream job.

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