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Skilled workers can choose Japan for work opportunities

Posted on May 3, 2017
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Japan Work Visa

Japan is renowned for its largest economies in the world. With a technologically highly developed design and a well streamlined manufacturing design. Foreign Workers who have relevant experience and equal qualification will always find a desirable job. You might be a teacher or a specialist from one of the best technologies or holding any business role international, Japan gives you that one significant opportunity.

Where can you find opportunities?

  • Major industries related to robotics, electronics, automobiles, food processors, chemical manufacturing, steel, ship and heavy machinery.
  • The other category is called the shortage occupations. Such as professor into a university, artist, investing banker, business development manager, medical services, any stream of research, a specialist in humanities, and an entertainer.
  • Most of the major employers in Japan look for the skilled Overseas Workforce which is in high demand relatively.

Working Culture in Japan: 

  • Most of the people prefer being occupied with work, apart from the regular 5 days a week schedule
  • Average working hours is 40 hours a week.
  • Income tax depends upon salary earned and the years spent in that country.

The fact of the matter is Japan’s Job availability hits a record high figure compared to the last 24 years. This means there are 134 positions for instance and the number of job seekers is 100. The employment opportunities are significantly increasing with an improvement for the better. The key to this enhancement in the labor market is the improving condition with a brighter scope in the days to come.

Considering the fact the demand for skilled foreigners is in great demand these days. Sectors are adding more number of jobs each year. Which include health, wholesale, welfare, retail, insurance, last but least finance.

Japan’s key vision to take proper well-planned measure to enhance economic policy and a huge demand for employment on a longer perspective. Japan is putting together all the needed effort to generate 700,000 jobs which would on a longer create a $ 450 billion in the global market.

Japanese Work Visa Requirements:

  • A well-written Curriculum vitae
  • A duly filled application form.
  • Letter of appointment from the employer.
  • Registration certificate of the employer
  • Tax returns
  • Educational attested certificates
  • Relevant work experience related to the companies worked in the past
  • A valid passport and two latest colored photographs.

Japan has offered a welcome gesture to scores of foreigners who have made it so far to make a bright new start. Acquiring a Job in Japan has one need for an individual’s personal investment to learn a minimum level of the language Japanese which will expand your prospects for the better.

As recruiters like the job consultants do the initial screening for you. And your progress will be posted to you regularly. And till your last departure to reach Japan you will need a guiding force. Contact Y-Axis the world’s renowned and best immigration and Visa Consultant for you every migrating purpose.

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