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Firms asked to take good care of Japan Skilled Visa workers

Posted on March 28, 2019
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Japan Skilled Visa workers

The Ministry of Justice has announced guidelines that ask firms to take good care of Japan Skilled Visa workers. These are overseas workers who will be arriving in Japan through a ‘Specific Skills’ Visa effective from 1 April 2019.

The Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law has been now revised. It is anticipated that there will be a huge inflow of overseas workers to Japan due to this.

The guidelines specify that the firms must collect their Japan Skilled Visa workers on arrival. These must be then taken to the accommodation or workplace. They are also asked to co-sign rental agreements to secure housing for the workers. Alternatively, they can identify a service provider to assure that rent will be paid, as quoted by the ASAHI.

The rules further elaborate that the firms must agree to be listed as contact points in case of emergency. It is because owners of apartments in Japan deny signing to agreements for rent. This is with the overseas nationals due to the unavailability of a co-signer.

Firms are also required to offer orientation session to Japan Skilled Visa workers lasting for 8 or plus hours. This is for instructing newly arrived workers about manners and customs. This includes the disposal of trash, complying with traffic rules and usage of smart cards. It is inclusive of Suica Card of East Japan Railway Co.

Below is the brief of guidelines for firms that accept Japan Skilled Visa workers.

Japanese employers are barred from:

  • Keeping the Residence Cards or Passports of the overseas workers to avoid them from absconding
  • Predetermining imposition of penalties on families if in case the overseas workers abscond
  • Prohibiting overseas workers from moving out of their accommodation excluding for work or having a mobile

The living space for each worker must be at least 7.5 sq meters or more. Employers must secure accommodation for the workers by any one of the below:

  • Co-signing if required the rental agreements for overseas workers
  • Signing agreements for rent for offering accommodation to overseas workers
  • Arranging company accommodation for overseas workers

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