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Japan eases rules for highly skilled foreign workers

Posted on June 6, 2017
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Japan Work Visa

Finding a Job in Japan is certainly worthwhile. The fact is that Japanese companies are known for lifetime employment opportunities. A key reason that will make you exceptional and highly preferred is your loyalty which is an unprecedented quality which you would give to the corporate world in Japan. Even when there is employment management challenges happening around globally; Japan prefers to cut on costs and slash salaries perhaps to a certain limit instead of losing skilled professionals for good.

To speak of a few benefits you will receive decent health care benefits, pension, and other allowances. Above all with the amount of work you will be doing, you will have an absolute sense of belonging. Topping the list of employee benefits is the Dependent Spouse Work Opportunities.

Recently the Japanese Immigration Bureau has eased rules for the skilled foreign national workers who have already made it to Japan and who are on their way to reach Japan. This implies to the students who are pursuing their higher studies and after the completion would look for opportunities.

This opportunity is a one for all benefit. You may be highly skilled. The bureau has definitely made it into three key categories:

  • Advanced Academic Research such as highly qualified professors.
  • Advanced Technical & Specialized activities such as engineers, scientists, and for all those people who have served in various humanity streams and sectors.
  • Advanced Business Management activities recognize all those skilled management level executives served and serving at various public and private levels.

If the above category has levels of skill and equivalent experience, one of the key regulations is to meet the point eligibility criteria. Point’s reaching the benchmark 70 will make the applicant eligible for permanent residency.

Points will be allotted

  • A Doctor’s degree will be allotted 30 points
  • And 20 points will be for a Master’s degree.
  • 5-25 points depending upon the relevant work experience
  • 10-50 points will be given for the salary offered by the Japanese employer
  • 5-15 points for age which carries a prominent criterion
  • Based on the allotted Japanese language proficiency may it be general or management 10-15 points will be allotted.

A highly skilled applicant will be issued a Permanent Residency immediately if the points secured are 80. And anything equal to 70 points will be allotted to work for 3 years and a minimum of 1 year.

Benefits of the High Skilled Visa

  • A good opportunity to take part in various activities
  • Initially the visa will be valid for 5 years
  • Faster access to the permanent residency visa
  • Faster immigration procedures
  • You are most welcome to invite parents
  • Lastly a possibility to hire a domestic help.

Initially, you should be applying for the eligibility, and then you need to apply for the status changes to permanent residents, after which the application will be verified by the Regional Immigration Bureau, then you need to gather documents to meet the point’s calculation. The result will be releasing of an acknowledgment which will be an authorizing permission to apply for the permanent residency.

As if for now around 6298 foreign nationals are recognized as high skilled professionals and the numbers are much rising. And more than one-thirds of them are eligible to gain access to the new system. All benefits which are implemented are a part of Japan’s growth strategy.

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