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IT & Tech jobs received maximum Canada PR ITAs in 2017

Posted on June 7, 2018
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IT and Tech jobs received the maximum number of ITAs for Canada PR in 2017 through the Express Entry system. Thus, immigrant aspirants to Canada who are employed in Tech industry have great chances of immigrating to the Maple Leaf Nation.

Information Systems professionals, Computer Programmers, and Software Engineers were the top beneficiaries of Canada PR in the tech sector, as quoted by the CIC News. They were closely followed by the Administrative Assistants and Financial Accountants.

The 2017 yearend report for the Express Entry system revealed by the immigration officials revealed the top jobs that received the highest ITAs.

The IT and Tech sector professionals occupied the top 3 slots on the list:

S. NO. Code in NOC  Occupation Title Number of ITAs in 2017
1. 2171 NOC Consultants and Information Systems Analysts 5,214
2. 2173 NOC Software Engineers 4,782
3. 2174 NOC Computer Programmers 3,479
4. 1111 NOC Accountants and Financial Auditors 2,386
5. 1241 NOC Administrative Assistants 1,969

A change in the rule was made effective in 2017 wherein the points for a job offer in Canada were reduced. Owing to these CRS changes, the ITAs for Retail Sales Supervisors and Cooks decreased significantly. Thus the Canada PR ITAs for Administrative Assistants and Finance Workers increased.

The Tech sector in Canada is booming. Both the provincial and federal governments are accepting overseas workers with fast-track initiatives. These include the Global Talent Stream and Tech Pilot BC PNP.

The fast-track programs are benefiting the Tech sector employers. The processing times are expedited and Canada Work Visa Applications are processed within 10 business days. Thus, the IT firms can bring overseas workers in a much faster way. It is an excellent option for overseas workers and international students in Canada to obtain a job and Canada PR.

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