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IT Job Market in Australia – Trends and Predictions

Posted on May 31, 2019
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IT Job Market in Australia

Regarding the trends and predictions in the IT Job Market in Australia, the latest report reveals that job opportunities have expanded. This is as per the ITCRA Employment Trends Report for ICT.

The ITCRA report shows that employment in Australia has grown by 2.7% over the year with 11.9% growth in IT jobs. The Australian Capital Territory – ACT has recorded the largest hike in vacancies geographically with a 26.5% increase.

Meanwhile, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, and Northern Territory recorded a decline in demand.

The ads for IT jobs on SEEK Australia have expanded by more than 5.9% in the last year. The contract job vacancies increased by 2.4% and enduring job vacancies increased by 9.4%.

Job ads role-wise for security jobs have grown by 20.4% in Australia. This reflects the emphasis on safeguarding business IP, data, and technology infrastructure.

The engineering software has demonstrated a great increase with 64%. Meanwhile, engineering hardware declined by -12.6% in Australia, as quoted by the PAXUS.

A study has revealed the measured progress towards permanent recruits in New South Wales going up to 20% from 12%. This is in the Q4 of the last year. The time that is taken to fill permanent hires for IT roles has increased in Queensland and for contract recruits in South Australia. However, it remained steady in other states in Australia.

The permanent ICT jobs in Australia are:

ICT Project Manager, Helpdesk Officer, Computer Systems Architect /Engineer, Systems Analysts, and Software Developer/Engineer 

The contracting ICT jobs in Australia are:

 Network Engineer/ Architect, Network/Systems Administrator, Computer Programmer, Software QA Tester/Engineer, Technology Consultant, Computer Systems Engineer/Architect, Software Engineer /Developer, Systems Analyst, Helpdesk Officer, and ICT Project Manager

Technology has been accountable for the creation of 3 million-plus jobs in Australia since the year 2000. It is forecasted that 75% plus industries in Australia will see a major increase in jobs in 2019 by November. This is according to the upcoming trends and job predictions in the Australian labour Market.

The Employment Department has forecasted growth on 12.8% in demand for ICT professions in 2019. Out of this, the highest growth is forecasted for IT network professionals with 20.5%.

The inputs from hiring specialists reveal a high demand in the Australian labour market in the upcoming years. This includes online Marketing Professionals, Security Experts, and Data Specialists.

It is a must for job seekers to remain modernized and well versed in the latest technologies. This is owing to highly advanced and sophisticated databases, software, and programs. They must also master the skills needed for switching job roles.

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