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Why Indians prosper in Saudis

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Indians have impressed Saudi for years now. At the beginning of 21st century, there were said to be 1.5 million Indians working and residing there. That number has grown to three million now. They work in various walks of life as engineers, academicians, IT professionals, doctors, chemists, scientists, etc., said Saud M Al-Sati, former envoy of Saudi Arabia to India

He was quoted by the Indo-Asian News Service as saying that Indian success stories are not exceptions in their country. This is because they are known for the achievements in technical and educational fields.

Al Sati said that a bilateral agreement was signed on labour cooperation for hiring General Category Workers when Narendra Modi visited in Saudi Arabia in April 2016. Pursuant to it, the two countries are continuously collaborating improve the workers’ situation there.

He also cites examples of successful Indians. They are an industrialist who now owns several hospitals there, a prominent investment banker, a renowned doctor, a multi-millionaire retail businessman, etc.

To encourage more Indians to come there he said that Saudi labour law provides full legal protection to all expatriates. It includes a unified labour contract and conditions that bar employing persons in jobs different from the occupation stated in the contract.

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