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India has the most overseas clicks on US Tech Jobs

Posted on July 5, 2019
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US Tech Jobs

India has the highest number of overseas clicks on US Tech Jobs. 3.7% of all clicks on the US Tech Jobs for the year ending 1 April 2019 were from Internet Protocol addresses in India. With 0.6% clicks, Canada was the distant second followed by the UK with 0.4%. This is as per the latest analysis by Indeed, the jobs site.

 Indeed Jobs

Russia, France, and Germany had the highest year-on-year increases in their portion of all tech clicks. This is among the top 10 nations for overseas clicks on US Tech Jobs. Each of these nations recorded an increase of 25% in Q1-2019.

Meanwhile, India recorded a decrease of 8% year-on-year; Pakistan declined by 37% and the UK decreased by 12%.

Interest from France rose from September 2018 through December. This is prior to the movement Yellow Vests that flared up highly dramatically in November that year.

The Engineer and Developer roles were the most tech jobs clicked by overseas job seekers in Q1-2019. Many expert and positions that are Software-intensive dominate the list. Roughly 44% of the clicks on postings for Senior Java Developers were from overseas.

Whether it is IOS or AndroidPHP or Python, high-skilled Programmers from overseas are clicking on job postings in the US. This is at rates between 38% and 27%, as quoted by the Venture Beat.

Of the 571 tech job positions that were studied comparatively, the median share of overseas clicks was 8.7%. On the other hand, Support roles and Technicians were the tech jobs that attracted minimal overseas interest. This also includes some Manager and Analyst positions. In most of the cases, these tech profiles require less education and fewer technical skills.

Just 1.6% of clicks on the IT Technician at entry level were from overseas IP addresses. Other Help Desk and Technical Support positions had overseas click shares less than 3%. This was well lower than the median overseas share of clicks for tech roles.

Overseas interest in US Tech jobs is holding steady as per the analysis by Indeed. This is notwithstanding the unstable political ambiance for immigration.

However, the interest from India has declined. India has traditionally been the highest source of overseas clicks on listings for US Tech Jobs. This interesting data has been compiled by Indeed, one of the world’s biggest job sites.

The share of overseas clicks on postings for US Tech Jobs on Indeed increased in early 2019. It reached 9.6% in Q1-2019 in comparison with 9.3% in Q1-2018.

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