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How to get a real Overseas Job offer from Canada?

Overseas Job offer from Canada

Canada has reportedly welcomed more Overseas workers than the US in the last two years. Unlike the US, They allow students to work 20 hours a week while pursuing a full-time degree.

Canada is often more attractive to Overseas students becausetheir spouse/partner can also work full-time during the academic program. In addition, post completion of the course, students may work full-time for up to three years.

However, this brings some disadvantages to the picture. Overseas students or Immigrants often receive letters and emails from scammers claiming to offer them an Overseas Job. Hence, here we present a helpful guide for aspiring Immigrants so they can avoid such scams.

Canadian Government requirements:

 As per the Canadian Immigration regulations, below types of jobs are exempted from LMIA –

  1. International agreements
  2. Canadian interests
  3. Permanent residence applicants in Canada
  4. No other means of support
  5. Humanitarian reasons

If the employer is offering any other type of job, they need to obtain an LMIA

Getting the Work Permit:

 An Overseas worker needs a job offer letter, a copy of the LMIA, and the LMIA number to apply for Canada Work Permit.

The applicant should include the following details in the application package:

Students in Canada preferred:

Overseas Workers can submit their profile into the express Entry pool. The government draws profiles from that pool every 2 to 3 weeks. They issue invitations to candidates with the highest-ranking scores.

To get into the pool, one needs just 67 points. However, to get the invitation, they would require a minimum 441 points. According to The Manila Times, the entire process takes an average of 6 months.

Employers with immediate requirement do not wait. They post job vacancies in schools. Since students are allowed to work, employers can recruit immediately. These employers are the potential sponsors for Canadian Permanent Residency.

Hence, receiving a real Overseas Job offer from Canada is no easy task. Employers, as well as applicants, need to go through a prolonged application process. An Overseas Job offer is hardly ever made through emails asking for payments. Hence, aspiring immigrants need to ignore such scams.

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