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DHA and Treasury deny that immigration lowers Australian Salaries

DHA and Treasury deny that immigration lowers Australian Salaries

Department of Home Affairs in Australia and Treasury has denied that immigration is lowering the salaries in the nation. Tim Todd the Higher Education Editor of The Australian has cited the report by these government authorities to highlight this fact.

The Federal Government of Australia had earlier in 2018 cited numerous data to stress that immigration is not lowering the Australian Salaries. This includes Case Studies, Census Data, and other reports, as quoted by the Macro Business AU. These data highlight that overseas workers do not have a negative impact on Australia wage levels.

Meanwhile, the research paper by Reserve Bank of Australia has revealed that there is no proof that minor increases in minimum wages result in loss of jobs. It also does not result in the reduction of work hours, adds the RBA report. On the other hand, this may even boost both.

The study of enhanced minimum wages is the first of its category in Australia. It augments the argument by the unions for a 50$ weekly increase in the minimum wages in the report Fair Work Commission.

Employer groups in Australia have demanded an increase in pay on par with the rate of inflation at 1.9% or even lesser. They have argued that a larger increase in wages raises unemployment and diminishes work hours. These claims have now been questioned by the research by RBA.

The RBA research states that there is no proof that increased wages decrease work hours. The results indicate that the larger increase in wages had an impact of an increase in work hours. This is in comparison with jobs that had smaller increase in wages, adds the report.

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